some random photos for absolutely no reason



need to put these away

I guess this post is a reminder that my desk needs to be tidied once again. It's this never ending process of cleaning + cleaning + c l e a n i n g. . .


  1. I picked up "Libeled Lady" from the library the other day at your suggestion. I still haven't watched it yet, but I'll have to let you know!

  2. so is my room! after my latest stint of sewing, the carpet is a mish-mash of threads and tiny snippets of fabric. clothes are piled haphazardly (how come when I'm sewing, I don't bother to put away my clean laundry???). for gosh sakes my cutting board is still on my floor!

    ...I should probably deal with this tonight, but I'm thinking of ways to avoid it. ;) lol.

  3. Kelly, I think you'll really enjoy Libeled Lady! It's one of my favorites. I tend to watch that movie a lot when I am in the mood for a "feel good" movie, which is pretty much the way I feel whenever I am looking for a movie to watch.

    Casey, Oh dear, I have clean clothes on the floor too. Must get those put away! There are way too many things that I think of to avoid work I don't want to get done. Bad bad bad habit. Must change that. change. yeah. :)