haircut ideas {brigitte bardot}
haircut ideas {brigitte bardot}

Lately I've been toying with the idea of getting some of my hairs cut off. My hair is getting quite long now, around the middle of my back. I still want to keep growing it out, but I feel like I need something to frame my face. Perhaps like Brigitte Bardot's lovely locks? I really like that somewhat messy look and I love her longish bangs and wisps. Also, I think I may have found the perfect hair salon! It's within walking distance from my home and there is apparently a lending library and an art gallery! And looking at their pictures, there are vintage vanities being used!! Plus the owner is a trained sculpter and artist. Sounds pretty perfect doesn't it?! Especially for someone who generally gets her hairs cut less than once a year! But what do you think? I have a round face, so anything that will help diminish its roundness couldn't hurt! Plus I think having some shorter hair in the front will add to hairstyles where I pull my hair back, especially since I tend to stick my hair back a lot during the summertime. Would love your input! xo

P.S. Great post on just about what I'm thinking (love her blog).

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summer magic.


summer magic summer magic summer magic summer magic summer magic summer magic summer magic summer magic summer magic summer magic summer magic summer magic summer magic summer magic summer magic

Summertime is just around the corner and the thought of it has gotten me into a Hayley Mills mood these days! Although I rarely need a reason to get into a Hayley mood, as I call it! There are a few of her movies I always go to when I want a "feel good" fix and "Summer Magic" is one of them. Perhaps this would be categorized as being a children's film, but I'm an adult and I still enjoy watching it, even though I'm nearly twenty-eight (next month)! I suppose I'm somewhat like my mom, who loved taking her little sister to the movies because it gave her the chance to see a children's flick!

I grew up watching a lot of the old Disney films and I soon became obsessed with anything that had to do with Hayley Mills. She's the type of girl I could usually relate to. She wasn't plain, but she wasn't what you might call "glamorous" either. And I've never been a "glamorous" type of girl, as much as I wanted to be! Hayley is pretty and fun and she has a little bit of tomboy in her, which I kind of like. Since I grew up with five brothers and one sister, I think it was hard to be a girly girl growing up, so I tended to not venture too far in the beauty department. Anyway, all that said, Hayley Mills is someone I think a lot of us girls growing up could relate to. If you love her as much as I do, I hope you will go find this movie and watch it, if you haven't already! Even if you have to go to the children's section of the video store (or library) to get it!

P.S. Here's a clip of one of my favorite scenes from Summer Magic.

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spring and summer shop now open!


spring summer shop open! spring summer shop open! spring summer shop open! spring summer shop open!

The shop is open! As you will see, I also included some garments from last year's spring/summer collection since I still had some fabric left over. Enjoy!