Autumn Outfit


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I am absolutely loving the color plum/berry this season. I didn't realize it was "my" color, but I kind of think it is. This is the second sweater in this color that I've purchased already this season. Maybe I'm over doing it, but these colors are so rich and warm for the season and I can't help myself! I wish I had re-painted my nails last night. I've been wearing a deep purple, almost black, nail polish a lot lately. It's a cheap brand of polish, but it's a great color! As you can see I also decided to keep the boots! I wore them out for the first time today and they were surprisingly comfortable. I'm notorious for buying shoes that fit poorly or are not comfortable to wear (ask Jed, he will tell you). I'm working on getting rid of all the shoes that are uncomfortable and replacing them with shoes that won't kill my feet! 

I'm really enjoying this season and the crisp air. Now that the leaves are almost all gone from the trees in our backyard, it's a lot easier to see the mountains in the distance. In the morning the mountain tops are a lovely white. Can you imagine living on the top of the mountain where it snows every morning?

Speaking of winter... I'm working on a little shop update that should happen in the coming weeks. Hopefully it will be open the end of November (fingers crossed!) or the first of December. I'm planning a little holiday shop and can't wait to show you! :)


(I'm wearing: Sweater - New Look / ASOS, Jeans - Uniqlo, Boots - ASOS, Purse - G.H. Bass & Co. / eBay.)

New Boots


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 I have been looking for a pair of basic leather lace up boots for awhile now and finally found a pretty good pair. The leather isn't nearly as nice as some other companies such as Frye, but this style has been so hard to find in my price range. I would adore a pair of A.P.C. boots, but I hate the price tag. So, what do you think? Should I keep these ASOS leather boots or send them back? I also got them in black, but I think I prefer this tan color.