i really hate the mall.


we took silly tree-hugging pictures

But I went anyway yesterday morning with a few of my siblings. We heard that forever21 was opening a store near us and were giving away gift cards to the first 200. Yeah, we actually went and got in line, but we didn't try very hard to get there early. We still each got free $10 cards and did a bit of shopping. It was CRAZY. CRAZY. Like, what the heck was I thinking crazy. I got three long undershirts that I have been meaning to get and I got them for free. So that did make me feel good. But standing in line for all that time and watching how people acted as they ambushed the store, reminded me how much I dislike malls or any sort of shopping center. I looked at the quality of the stuff too and honestly, it's really cheap crap. Don't get me wrong, I have gotten stuff there before and I don't have a problem with buying things there on occasion, but it also helps me realize that their stuff really isn't very special. And just looking at all those shoppers...man. If you want to start hating people, go to crazy shopping malls where there is some sort of deal going on. Yikes. But I got my undershirts so I'm not complaining...much. When we got home, I phoned J and we headed to the Palisades, a ten minute drive from my place. It was great. We hiked all around the park, sat and enjoyed the view for hours. I will take nature any day over shopping malls.

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I will try to get these graded soon and up in the shop. Just haven't had a chance yet. I'll let you know when they are up in the shop and ready to go. I also want to take some pictures wearing the garments so you know how they look on a person.

the tallest man on earth.


Thank you all so much for the lovely comments and encouraging emails! I was really nervous about opening the new shop, but am glad I finally just went ahead and did it. I have a few more items to put in the shop soon, but I haven't had time to grade the patterns yet. I'll be getting to that in the next week or so and will be sure to send out an email when they are ready.

Also, a few of my blog crushes mentioned my shop on their blogs last week. I know, I am such a dork. I tell my boyfriend when people like this lovely lady post on my blog and he laughs at me, but totally gets it. Ahhh the joys of the internet.

Speaking of my boyfriend, can I just sort of gush about him for a minute? Okay I will. :) Last Friday we were planning to go to The Tallest Man on Earth concert in Iowa City, but all the tickets were sold out online and when we got there, they said every last ticket was sold. So we ended up walking around the city and going out for pizza instead, which was tons of fun and I am not complaining we missed the show. But he knew I really wanted to see him so the next day he actually got tickets to the show in Milwaukee tonight! So yes, my boyfriend is one very sweet boy.

Shop opening::


Items will be available for sale on Thursday, May 20th.


You can also place an order if the item you would like has already sold out. Please take a look at the Catalog for more information.



on a trip back in time.


living history at boonesfield village

I'm off again this weekend for another trip back in time! It's been awhile since I've been to our little Boonesfield Village, so I'm looking forward to it. This time the year is 1866. Have a great weekend!



The lovely Elly of Green Olives Design interviewed me! If you're interested, you can check it out on her awesome blog. Thanks, Elly!! :)

i don't wear a lot of makeup.



i don't wear a lot of make-up.

i don't wear a lot of make-up.

The last time I purchased foundation was on Halloween when I needed really white skin. The time before that was for a high school play. A few weeks ago I decided I needed something more than simply concealer. So I dropped $40 on foundation, new powder, eyeshadow, and a few new brushes. I felt a little better about spending money on makeup after I compared the price of Bobbi Brown's foundation ($40). But still, for me, it has always been kinda hard to spend very much on makeup. I know there is probably a big difference between makeup from Target and brands like Bobbi Brown, but I haven't figured them out yet. I spend too much money on things that never work like I think they're going to work. I've spent tons of money on acne cleansers and different types of shampoo that aren't supposed to strip away all the natural oils. But they never work quite right. And sometimes I think, why do I even try? I can live with my stupid silly acne and my too greasy hair (or too shampooed hair) and I bet no one but myself ever notices any difference. If I buy cheap makeup and it makes me happy, then that's good enough for me! If you feel better with the more expensive brands, then by all means go for it! And hey, who says you have to wear makeup anyway? In my opinion, the majority of women these days cake on way too much makeup, when they are perfectly gorgeous without anything at all. It's all in how you view yourself, ya know?

sanitary fair.


Lovely display from the Brooklyn Sanitary Fair of 1864. {via brandi.}

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The mailing list is down at the moment, but I am working on getting it fixed!