two pair trousers {sold.}


::sneak peek::

Just a quick note to let you know I'm selling two pairs of denim 1940s trousers I made. One in waist size 27.5" and the other 30". Stop on over to my Yard Sale blog for more info. I have decided I probably won't be selling these trousers in my shop. I'm concentrating more on tops and dresses right now and also using patterns I have drafted myself (that way I don't' have to worry about copyright issues and all that crap). So get them while they're hot! :) Generally these would be selling for closer to $120, but I am pricing these at $65, so I am cutting their price considerably!

{They are now sold! Thank you!!}

Then all you'll need is an old straw hat and a worn out pair of shoes. ;)

a review to come...


You might remember the give away I did on this blog awhile back. Well I was contacted again by the same people to do a review for one of their items. I'm not usually one to do reviews on this blog, but I thought it might be worth a shot. They seem to have quite a large selection and several stores to choose from. Their selection ranges from bar stools to cookware (thinking the cookware will most likely be my review).

Stay tuned. :)

p.s. thank you for all the comments, i am doing much better! now to get the heat working so my workroom can stop feeling like a refrigerator! also, i know i owe a lot of you emails and i will hopefully get to those later this evening (if not this evening, soon). xo

dreaming of warmer weather.


the days of summer have passed.

the days of summer have passed.

I would love to write a post about all the coziness of fall, but I'm afraid all I can think of right now is the warmer weather of summertime. I am sitting here eating tomato soup and apple crisp (last of the apple orchard apples!) and kind of ticked off that I feel so miserable. But I suppose colds and sickness are what come with the cool weather. My body just needs to adjust to it. Perhaps it would help if I actually closed the window to my bedroom? It's just that this Iowa weather is so unpredictable. One day it is warm outside and the next day it is freezing cold and rainy. Well, I do like fall, but I have to say my body adjusts to the cold rather dreadfully. I have been drinking a lot of tea and that helps a little. And I love the cozy feeling of being warm inside while it's cold outside. However, I live in an old house/church and it has its disadvantages and this is definitely one of them (staying warm)! (Besides the random freakishly large spiders, weird crawly bugs and the occasional bat.) It's the time of year when everything wants in. Now I just need myself a nice space heater. But I will say, baking things in the oven helps warm up the kitchen/living room immensely.

By the way, I am truly sorry if I owe you an email, I really wanted to get caught up today! But it seems all I did was laze around and sleep and read Nancy Drew and haven't gotten a stitch of work done. Ah, well. That is what Saturdays are for, right? Have a lovely and warm rest of the weekend!

apple orchard.


apple orchard.

Hello! It's been awhile since I've been on here. Busy busy and computer time is slim. But I'm enjoying the gradual change of weather (though there are days I think it's not so gradual). Going to the apple orchard is something I look forward to every year since I was a little girl. Mom used to take us kids out during a week day for a picnic and apple picking. We'd always have a basket for windfall apples and one for picking off the tree. The ones off the tree had to be extra special. The ones off the ground we made apple sauce and apple turnovers. Mmm. I've already made a batch of apple turnovers this year (Jed and I had them for dinner the night of the apple picking!) and I know I'll be making many more. Hope your weeks have been grand and the move from summer to fall isn't too drastic of a change. I am thinking of lots of plaids this year. Thinking up a plaid flannel pullover top with a hint of wool. Snuggle time!

calendar collaboration.


calendar collaboration with shanna murray.

Hello and happy September 1st! I have an exciting collaboration to share with you for this month. The lovely and super talented Shanna Murray contacted me last month about doing a calendar collaboration with her for the month of September. I was completely surprised when she wrote me about it. I never thought she would ask *me*! I was excited and agreed, but a little worried because I was afraid I would not photograph anything quite good enough. But I was up for the challenge and took five photographs, sent them to Shanna and this is the one she chose! I'm so happy with the final calendar. She does the most lovely work. Please do drop over to her space and take a look.


In other news, you must go right now and take a look at the gorgeous clothing from Ilana's new F/W look book. Amazing.