wedding registry?



Jed and I haven't really discussed what we are going to do about the registry yet, but we're both a little unsure of how to go about it. You see, we'll be moving the end of the summer and it's going to be hard enough packing everything up and relocating. So having a bunch of extra things to pack and move on top of it isn't really very appealing. Any advice on what to do about a wedding registry if you're going to be relocating? I've heard of the "honeymoon registry" where people give you money for your honeymoon, but that doesn't really appeal to me. I have thought about signing up for something like Simple Registry but I'm not sure if people will be offended by this?? Any thoughts?

february is a busy month.


homemade lotion.
homemade lotion.
reds + pinks

It's been quiet here lately, but I've been busy at work. I'm working on two historical dresses this month that will be worn by conference speakers for this conference. I'm about to put the finishing touches on the first gown, then I will dive into the second gown. I get a little stressed when I have such a tight deadline. But I did make time for some lotion-making and donut-making. :) And what's this? The weekend already? Where has the time gone?? I'm going to work really hard to finish this dress today and then this afternoon I'm goin' sledding! Finally! Haven't gone yet this year and I'm itching to go. And's snowing again!

Happy weekend and if I'm not back here before next week, have a delightful Valentine's Day, even if you don't celebrate it. It's always fun to eat candy, right? xoxo



braids, of course.
braids, of course.
sewing details

Yesterday and through the night we had an awfully lot of snow falling and blowing around outside. Today when I woke up I saw mounds of snow and drifts everywhere! The snow plows won't be out this way for some time and I'm content just being here at home, sewing away on my sewing machine. I am hoping I will have time later to make up a batch of delicious donuts! It's a bit of a tradition in my family to make donuts on the first real blizzard (after all the holidays are over). Since I was home schooled growing up, we didn't really have to take a snow day, but since my mom is super nice, she decided to make one for us anyway. And she'd spend all morning making batches of donuts! So of course, I have to keep that tradition alive! Here's a recipe that looks mighty tasty...and easy!

p.s. speaking of donuts...