sewing for myself.


I know I said I don't like to sew for myself, but I've decided (once again) that sometimes what I really want I just can't buy or I can't buy with the money I have to spend. So I purchased some fabric to make a few simple fall/winter tops to wear with cardigans. I'll probably use my own pattern and change a few features on them. I'm leaning towards using the Phoebe top pattern and making it a pullover and adding long sleeves. I might also make a back opening version. We'll see. The top three fabrics are the ones I've chosen and perhaps a woven plaid. And maybe I will make a few to sell in the shop. Do let me know if you are interested in something like this. I will share pictures when they're made (hoping I'll find time after work to sew!)

{p.s. thank you all so much for your comments on my boot dilemma! i had already pretty much decided on the bean boots because they are way more practical than the canvas riding boots. and i know i would be much happier if i waited to get a pair of riding boots all in leather as i have a feeling the canvas would get dirty after a few wears. i'll let you know when i get the bean boots and how i like them. i'm going to wait a bit, since i don't actually need them until we get some snow on the ground.}

two pair boots, but which one?


I need a good sturdy pair of winter boots and I know which pair I'll really get a lot of use out of. But the other one is calling my name too and I know I shouldn't buy both...or should I? Which pair would you buy if you had my dilemma? L.L. Bean Boot or the Lands' End Canvas Riding Boot?

man-proof 1938.


I love this movie. I could watch it over and over, back to back and not get tired of it (I have). I realize my taste in old movies differs quite widely from many people and so most likely others would not be quite so enthusiastic as I am over this film. But it's one of my more recent personal favorites. I discovered this gem on Youtube several months ago. I don't know if it's still online, but I did an evil thing and downloaded each video to my computer so I could watch it through iTunes whenever I wanted. But yesterday it was on TCM and my mom taped it for me, so now I can watch it on a real live television!

This film is about a girl named Mimi Swift (Myrna Loy) who is infatuated with this guy Alan Wythe (Walter Pidgeon) who is a bit of a playboy. Mimi has a pretty amazing mom (Nana Bryant) and a close family friend named Jimmy Kilmartin (Franchot Tone) who she doesn't realize is really the best friend she's ever had (not until the end of the film, that is). She thinks she's in love with Alan and she's going to do all she can to nab him, even after he's married (to Rosalind Russell). Jimmy and Meg Swift (her mother) know she is going to get herself hurt and tries to stop her, but she won't hear any of it. My favorite part about this film is the relationship between Mimi and her mother. They just seem to get along so perfectly together. And of course it doesn't hurt to have lots of lovely clothes, a cute cozy home (I love that plaid couch and the square cushions!) and of course a happy ending. It's the perfect movie to put me in good spirits. Does the trick every time. I don't think it's available on DVD, but watch for it on TCM, they play it every now and then. If you are into old films as much as I am, this one is sure to become one of your favorites.

"joanna" dace coat ::SOLD::


joanna coat :: dace

joanna coat :: dace

Well, turns out I haven't worn the coat more than a few times. So I've decided to sell it. Yes, I am being ruthless in my closet! It is size small (ask if you need more specific measurements, it fits around 34-35" bust) and I altered the fit of the coat only slightly so it was more flattering. Here is the back view. Retailed for $395 and I believe it was on sale when I purchased it for $110. I'm selling it here for $80. Please email me if you are interested.

{SOLD} Thank you! :)

mark down.


look book now online!

I just marked down the remaining two Dorothea dresses in my shop. I'm making room for new items coming soon. These are marked down to $180. Please do take a look! xo

coming soon: flannel work shirt.


flannel work shirt {coming soon}

flannel work shirt {coming soon}

This is my newest design that I've been working on. It's made of a lovely cotton/wool flannel. I have enough fabric for five tops so once they are gone, they are gone.

a review.

I received the items I got from the CSN Stores in the mail the other day and finally got a chance to use my new saucepan! I'm actually going to be giving this to my boyfriend because he doesn't have a saucepan at his apartment. But I thought I would test it out before I gave it to him. I made a simple caramel syrup using my own recipe (brown sugar, butter, milk and vanilla extract). I love this saucepan because there are pouring spouts on either side of the pan, which makes it nice for sauces. I also like the clear glass lid so you don't have to keep lifting up the lid to see how everything looks while it is cooking. I believe it's also oven safe, which may come in handy down the road. AND on the side of the lid where the pouring spout is at, there are small holes for straining liquid from pasta or other food that need straining. One side has slightly larger holes than the other. Perfect. No need to use a colander!

The next item I received was a basic cheese grater. The big reason for getting this was because I'd like to make my own laundry detergent and almost every recipe tells you to grate a bar of soap. The only grater in the house is one that grates cheese and another that grates very fine cheese. I needed one in between these, so I got this multi-purpose grater. It's exactly what I was looking for. Sturdy and sharp. This is an essential item to have in your kitchen, especially one like this that will not rust! I will be using this a lot, that's for sure!

another yard sale!


This time I'm cleaning out my closet. This is the first round. I will probably do another sale later this month, depending on how much time I have. Just email me with the items you would like to purchase and your zip code. I will try to update the list periodically throughout the day.

Fall Clothing Sale::

wardrobe basics :: boy's wear


Have you ever thought about wearing boy's clothing, or do you already? I've been on the hunt for good basic plaid flannel shirts and it's really hard to find. Most of women's clothing are fitted or they just don't look as "classic" as I'd like them. I love just your basic men's shirt, but men's clothing tend to be slightly too large for me (oh, I still wear them anyway) and I thought I'd check out the boy's section over at LL Bean. I noticed in the comments section that someone else ordered a boy's shirt to wear herself. She says she normally wears an xs petite and ordered size medium. Obviously not everyone can wear boy's clothing, but it might work if you generally wear a size small. I'm considering ordering a shirt in size medium or large. I'll let you know if I do and how it looks.

{ll bean boy's shirts. view 1, view 2.}

apple orchard pt 2

apple orchard.
apple orchard.
apple orchard.
apple orchard.
apple orchard.
apple orchard.
apple orchard.

Some more pictures from the apple orchard visit awhile back. Also experimenting with Jed's Canon film camera. Always exciting to see how the pictures turn out. They were ok, but I am still getting the hang of the camera. Obviously Jed took the ones with me in them. ;)

{please do drop by my friend casey's blog for an interview she did with me! xo}

wardrobe basics.


I've been thinking a lot about cold weather basics. I now live in a building that is basically like an old refrigerator. It locks in the heat in the summer and the cold in the winter. So instead of dressing like it's still summertime all year 'round, you gotta dress like it's 50 degrees inside (because it is). This morning I went into my sewing room and put on my red wool hood, wrapped a blanket around my waist, wore a pair of wool socks and wool slippers and then a long wool cardigan over the top of a plaid shirt and long sleeved knit shirt. I was still cold, and unable to move I might add. Not ideal wear for working either. So I got to thinking about my wardrobe and how it would be nice if someone could put together a list of basics. Just your good old basic jeans, flannel shirts and pair of good boots that work for winter snow and rain. I put a file on my desktop and I'm beginning to acquire a list of items online that I am interested in adding to my "basics" wardrobe. Ideally I would make most of my clothing, but I don't have time and when it comes to the end of the day, I'm really not interested in doing a lot of sewing for myself. That may change, but this is how I feel for the present. That said, I've already purchased a vintage pattern and wool for a new winter coat I plan to make myself. Go figure...

Here are a few items I've found that I think are made reasonably well and should be sturdy and last a long time.

{top to bottom: lands' end striped top*, lands' end "canvas" slim jeans, ll bean flannel tucked shirt, ll bean sturdy black leggings, sunday factory top, fox river red heel socks, lands' end chelsea boot**, ll bean 10" maine hunting shoe.}

*i own this top and love it. exactly what i was looking for. btw, i ordered a size xs.
**similar to the ones from toast, only not as expensive. not sure of the quality, though.

fabric for sale!


fabric sale::

I am getting rid of a ton of fabric that has been in my stash far too long. Also a few unfinished projects along with the patterns. I priced everything super low. There's lots of silk chiffon, printed cotton voile and more! Please stop by if you are interested.