weekend wardrobe.


I was doing work and after getting a few things accomplished I decided to take a break. This is what happened... {inspired by elly.}






Too lazy to write much now. Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend thus far! I picked berries yesterday, which is the reason for this cake. Simple and satisfying. Perfect for an afternoon tea.

Watched this last night for the first time and love it.

bathing suits galore!


I'm smitten with these 1930s and '40s suits from LIFE Magazine. If you're obsessed with vintage swimwear like I am, you might also take a look into this wonderful book filled with pictures of Hollywood stars in beach wear. Ahh... isn't summertime grand?

LIFE Archives.



I can't tell you how happy I am that summer is finally here. I know it's humid and it's hot, but there's something so freeing about the hot summer. And all I can think about right now is the lake and cute bathing suits that I can't afford.

Like this one.

And this pretty little number.

weekend bliss.


saturday at the lake

summer food.

saturday at the lake

saturday at the lake

I've had a great weekend so far. I hope you have too!

P.S. I wore sunscreen!!

sandy boys.


For your Sunday afternoon pleasure. I have a goal to learn how to play the banjo before I die. Or maybe just before I turn 30. :) I used to hate the sound it made (Blue-grassy stuff isn't my style, but Old Time definitely is) but now I LOVE it. Enjoy.



saltwater sandals

I got the Saltwater sandals in the mail today and I am so glad I decided to get them. They're super comfortable and I can see myself wearing these for years. They're the kind that will never go out of style (like I care about style! hah!).

book club

book club!

book club!

book club!

This week was another book club and as always, it was fabulous! I have met a really wonderful group of women and am so grateful I was included. Thank you, Brandi!! Last month we read Mary Barton by Elizabeth Gaskell. This month we're reading The Woman in White by Wilkie Collins. Everyone I've talked to said this book is amazing. I've watched the movie, but I guess that doesn't count. Plus books always have so much more detail that movies leave out.

Thanks everyone for the comments on my last post about the Mociun knock-off! I guess as they say, "necessity is the mother of invention." Honestly, I just needed a dress and have always wanted to attempt making the Mociun tie-front dress. I think it's both elegant and casual and really the perfect dress for all occasions. I actually love the Mociun fabrics, because they look hand printed and unique. But I'm also happy with my vintage fabric! I think it would be fun to try hand printing my own fabric and then making another dress in the same style. There are so many possibilities!

Listening:: Camera Obscura, Grizzly Bear and Fanfarlo. {until july 4th, you can download fanfarlo's new album for just a buck. get it!}

mociun knock-off


mociun knock-off

Yesterday I cleaned my sewing room. It was a mess. And I don't mean any little mess, it was really bad. So bad I felt like fungus was starting to grow on the walls and the things surrounding me were starting to sprout. Soooo... I cleaned it all up and you know what? It inspired me. Honestly I think a clean room speeds my productivity at least by 50%. Last night I whipped up this dress inspired by a dress I adore by Mociun. I had this vintage fabric on hand and a need for a dress to wear to a wedding, so I thought I'd see if I could figure out how to make one myself. It was a little difficult figuring out how to squeeze a dress out of two yards of 36" wide fabric, but I did it!

{original mociun dress.}

mociun knock-off
{my mociun knock-off.}

Here's my notes in case you'd like to attempt one yourself.

notes:: mociun knock-off
{click for larger view.}

More photos here.



a perfect cup of joe.

I am sitting here totally lazy, still in my pj's and drinking a cup of coffee in the most lovely green cup and saucer my friend Megan gave me for my birthday! She's so awesome. I have the best friends.

This past weekend was SO MUCH FUN! A friend randomly told me about an event up in Wisconsin last Friday. It was so last minute that I didn't even think I'd go, but somehow it all worked out and within two hours I was on the road to a beautiful rural spot in Wisconsin! Yes, it's another living history thing. I had zero expectations about this event, so I had an absolute blast! I brought just enough with me so I could carry everything I needed. The entire time my feet were soaked and the hem of my dress was wet and muddy. Except never really keeping warm (and the fact that my sunburn was kind of bothering me) it really was a great experience. I love sleeping out in the wilderness. Even though you rarely get any sleep because you have to sleep in all of your clothes plus corset, with one blanket and no padding, no pillow and sometimes no covering over your head. But I honestly had a wonderful time out there. I also got to see some pals I haven't seen in ages. A few of which I had no idea would be there, so it was great bumping into them! I love being in a crazy dorky hobby. You get to meet so many interesting people. I think that part of it is one of the most enjoyable. I could go on and on and on, but I think I'll stop now and go take my shower. Hope everyone is having a lovely day!

braid tutorial.


braid tutorial

I took these videos last month before I trimmed my hair. They aren't the greatest (I sound so silly on video...yuck) and had planned to re-make them, but decided to post these anyway.

braid tutorial {part 1}

braid tutorial {part2}

ne me quitte pas

letter in the mail.
{typed letter from my cool friend jasa.}

It's Thursday, which means tomorrow is Friday, which means the day after tomorrow is Saturday and the weekend! It's not as if I have anything exciting planned, I just like the fact that it's the weekend. I've been listening to this dude. Just look at his mournful expressions. It makes my heart break every time, sorta.

Ooh a new cookbook? Sounds delightful! I've always wanted to eat like my favorite movie stars. (Hint: I don't mean today's movie stars. Think Silver Screen. I'm all about vintage, baby).

Please remind me to wear sunscreen the next time you see me out in the sun. Half of my body is charbroiled. Half of it is a bright white. I've just taken "farmer's tan" to a whole new level. It's kind of funny, actually. But it also hurts. In case this post sounds too random today, I'm writing this to inform the public to wear sunscreen. Please, do it for my poor aching burnt back. Your skin will thank you. And so will everyone who has to look at you.



tea in the afternoon.

Worked in the garden today and everything is planted, except for a few herbs I still need to plant in pots. I'm worried about the deer and other little creatures feasting over my garden before I can enjoy its produce. Any tips on keeping deer away (chemical-free)? I heard something about mixing eggs with water or spreading hair clippings around the garden. Hm... I almost don't care if anything grows in my garden so long as my tomatoes produce tons of fruit. Seriously, doesn't this look like heaven? I cannot wait to make this with my heirloom tomatoes.

I'm thinking of following the crowd and purchasing a pair of saltwater sandals. It's been kind of a big thing for the last few years in blog world. They kind of have that grandma look to them, which is SO me. plus they are within my price range. And seeing as I cannot really afford the $200+ sandals that continue to catch my eye, I think maybe this would be a more sensible pair to invest in. What do you think? What are you wearing on your feets this summer?

Last night I found this really cute movie with Bette Davis and George Brent, from the 1930s. It's really really cute. Plus there is a scene where Bette is wearing the most adorable floral bathing suit. And it got me to thinking about reproducing a similar version. Possibly for sale? But HOW on earth am I going to find time to make suits for sale before the season is over? Anna dear, you just have way too many ideas and not enough time.

Thank you, Amy for the lovely blog award! You are too sweet. :) I'm not very good at these bloggy awards, so instead of following the rules (I'm kind of a rebel like that) I'll just say, thank you. It means a lot. I love receiving all of your comments and I love reading your blogs as well. You all are super great. Hope the rest of your week is splendiferous!

birthday month.


birthday month.

Today is my friend Rachel's birthday. She just turned 25 and I've known her for 18 years. How time flies. Our birthdays are 6 days apart. I baked her a cake and we got together with friends last night to celebrate. It's nice to know you can be friends with someone this long.



I feel like I really have nothing to write about, which is partly the reason for my absence and partly because I'm just lazy. I've been taking pictures, though. And uploading them to flickr.

gift from marmee craft!

Also, check out the loot I won from Marmee Craft! I absolutely adore her art. If you haven't checked out her blog, you really must! It's a delight. Also she has great movie and music taste. Plus we share an interest for historical clothing, which is totally rad. :) Thanks, Marjorie!

new linen shorts

Otherwise, I've been sewing a lot. Baking. Sewing. You know the usual. ;) Now that the weather is changing, I'm finding I am in need of more summery clothes, so I've been trying to whip up a few things here and there. So far I've got a couple of tops and one pair of linen shorts. I have plans for two more pairs in different styles, but both high waisted (using my 1940s trousers pattern). The only thing I don't like about high waisted garments is that you really cannot eat much while wearing them. Yesterday I went to a party and you know how it is, they have tons of food and you feel bad if you don't eat some of it. heh heh. But I really prefer high waisted shorts over hip-huggers. Now, I don't mean to go into a long rant about shorts, but I sort of swore off shorts years ago when there was the big capri-pants rage. I cannot tan to save my life and I used to think that was a horrible curse I had as a redhead. How it just wasn't fair that I couldn't tan and all my friends could. (I even used fake tanning spray, which is nasty nasty nasty orange stuff which I do not recommend. But when you are 17 years old and all of your friends are a dark shade and you are white and pastey, you will go to desperate measures to fit in. At least if you are me.) Well, I've finally seen the light, at almost 25 (next week is my birthday!) and have decided that white is elegant and tan is ugly. I even find it hard to not judge someone if they are tan. I'm that bad. SO anyway, now that I've yammered on long enough about an utterly trivial and useless topic, I'll let you all enjoy your Monday. I'll try to think up something more interesting to talk about the next time I post. Until then, have a delightful week!