::my:: style...or is it?


For a long time I've been saving pictures from the internet when I see something I adore. I love street style blogs. I especially am drawn to blogs from Sweden, such as Stockholm Streetstyle. It's fun, different and it's what people are actually wearing. I never got into runway fashions. I tried, but I could never quite see them like others can. Besides all that, I don't really care a fig what people on the runway are wearing or what is in high fashion. I care what I like and what will show my personality.

I still have a hard time figuring out what ::my:: style actually is. Lately I've found that I really love greys, blacks, browns and tans. (I think it's a cold weather thing.) But those are so boring! I feel like I need a splash of color in there, but I'm not exactly sure how to do that without making myself look...kitsch. (Is that even the word I'm looking for??) Or even worse, teeny-bopper style. I don't want to look like I stepped right out of junior high, but sometimes that's the way I feel when I wear bright or bold colors. I will say that some people can pull off that look. I don't think I can very well. I really love prints and interesting fabric. So when I look for color and variation, I tend to go for the vintage prints. I guess that's because I am a seamstress and fabric is my love. :)

Okay, now for some pictures to illustrate...

Gary Graham:

This style is one of those which I'm not sure I could pull off, but I love it nonetheless. The middle dress looks almost like it had been pulled out from the 1890s and updated slightly to fit into the 21st century. I guess the old worn out look of these clothes appeal to me.

nemrešpobjećodnedjel je:

Out of all the wardrobe_remixers, she has got to be my favorite dresser of all time. She knows how to put an outfit together using lots of color, but they always seem to just go well together no matter how many colors she uses. I couldn't wear everything she puts on, but that's what makes everyone unique. Her style is top notch. It's fun, classy and just looks really good on her! She's one of those people I see who really knows what she likes and isn't afraid of wearing it.

Impulse Seattle:
If I had the funds, pretty much all of my clothes would come from this place. The colors are maybe a little drab, but I really like that. And besides, you can always add color by wearing a pair of bold earrings, bright tights or scarf. These clothes are amazing. Simply put. ;-)

While we're at it, let's talk about shoes. I'm going to say my favorite shoe designer today would have to be Chie Mihara. I think I love her shoes so much because they definitely have a vintage 1920s and '30s look to them. But I also like how she uses bold colors in many of her designs. I definitely think shoes are one of the most important parts of a well dressed person. Without the correct shoes, your carefully put together outfit just won't look right. Shoes are one of the first things I notice on a person. Unfortunately, I can't get myself to shell out the moo it takes to acquire a pair of these gems. So I look for original shoes from the '30s and '40s on eBay and I'm always on the lookout at thrift stores too! Sometimes if I'm lucky I'll find a pair that actually fit my size 8.5 feet. Believe me, it is rare.

Just take a look at these pretties:

Also a love of mine these days are jeans. As simple as that sounds, jeans are a big deal. I am still in love with skinny jeans, as much as everyone hates them these days. I don't think only "skinny" people can pull them off either. But I will say they aren't for everyone. I like them, so I wear them and I don't care what others think. In my opinion "flares" are out. I hate them. They're what I wore in junior high and all through high school. They're finished as far as I'm concerned. But that's just my opinion. ;-) When I look for a pair of jeans there are a few things I will look for: Dark colors such as deep indigo, black, brown or light colors such as grey, but I'll usually go for the darker grey than lighter. I also am not a fan of stone wash jeans right now. But that's just my preference. And I've never been a fan of worn and ripped jeans. There's no point in going to the store to buy a new pair of jeans that are ripped, torn and stonewashed to death. (Now just watch me...next year I'll be sporting a pair of stonewashed jeans...hahaha.) Next I look for how well they fit. I like my jeans well fitted, but not so tight that it looks like I'm going to pop out of them any second. I like to be comfortable, but I like them to fit.

At the moment I'm on the lookout for a pair of high waisted jeans. I like both high waisted skinny jeans and high waisted wide legs, but not TOO wide. The only ones I've seen at the stores are so wide I feel like I could get two pairs of pants out of each leg. geez. Here are a few pairs I am coveting, which of course I will never purchase because the price tag is well over $200. ouch. Wish I could remember the designer for those of you who actually spend that kind of money on jeans...

Oh boy, I feel like there's still so much more to talk about! I guess I'll stop here and write more later. This will give me reason to come back and blog again! I hope this gives you a bit of inspiration for your wardrobes. As for me? I'm still wondering how to incorporate all the different styles I adore so much and how to wear them myself. :)


It's been a long time since I last posted in here! I don't even know if anyone reads this anymore! I have been so overloaded with work lately that I just haven't had any time to blog or really keep up with the blogs I enjoy reading. The last time I posted I went to St. Louis and from there Tennessee (living history stuff), came home for a week and then went to St. Louis (more living history!) all over again. Now I'm home again catching up with orders and will head off to St. Louis (you got it, living history again...) yet another time in a few weeks! I know I'm crazy! Sometimes I've thought of just moving out there. Oh life...so many decisions to make, at least it seems that way to me. Probably just the fact that I'm in my early 20s with and always feeling like there's something new to figure out in my life.

Thanksgiving was lovely. I decorated the table almost completely with my own thrift finds. I've been picking up a plate or two almost every time I go to the thrift store and I'm finding I've started quite the collection for myself! I think it's about time I look through and pull out the ones I don't particularly care for. Sometimes I grab something I don't know if I like, but end up purchasing it anyway because it's so inexpensive. Other times I kick myself for not getting it only to find out the next time I go in that it's gone. C'est la vie!

But it was a fun time with family and friends. I made cranberry sauce from an 1840s recipe and two pumpkin pies. They were gobbled up in no time! I ate not too much, but probably more than what I usually am used to eating. But I figure once in awhile is okay. :)

Well that about wraps up this post. I'm going to be adventurous and post twice in a day, because I have about a million fashion ideas going about my head that I need to write about. I think first I'm going to try and get some more sewing done and then later this afternoon or this evening I'll post about my ideas. Until then!