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dorothea dress

I've decided to have a little sale! I really hate to say it, but I feel fall coming. Sad, because I adore summer. Even with this heat and even though most of the time I feel like I'm working in a sweatshop (no A/C in here). But I still love it so much better than any other season. Anyway, to get to the point! I have two Dorothea dresses left in stock in size XS and M. So I'm gonna have a little sale on just those dresses. Yay sale! So if you happen to be either of those sizes and were thinking about purchasing these dresses now is your chance! I'm taking off 30% of the price now through Saturday July 31st at midnight. Hurry on over! :)

Note: I will refund the 30% on receipt of purchase. Can't figure any other way around that. Also, just to clarify again, this sale is only for size XS and M. Thanks!

weekend cooking.



apple orchard.

muffins and lists.

I love weekends so much. I'm starting to really utilize my weekend a lot more now. Before I'd work a lot over the weekend because I didn't get as much done as I wanted to during the week. Well now I have myself on a bit of a schedule so I'm more productive during the week. This means I don't feel guilty for not going into work on Saturday or Sunday. Instead I can lounge around, sleep in, go to the lake, spend a long time making food (I love this part), stay up late watching movies and drinking wine. Maybe it's just summertime and that's why it feels so good, but I am feeling really relaxed. I also discovered my love for a new (to me) cookbook called How to Cook Everything by Mark Bittman. I read about it on a few blogs so I knew it was out there, just hadn't been able to check it out until I saw it at my friend Heather's house the other day. (I am watching her kitties so I don't think she'll mind that I borrowed it...) I love that he explains his reasoning behind why you do certain steps or add certain ingredients. I hate it when I follow directions blindly, not really knowing what the heck will happen when I do what they say. Because you know, I like to change things and I don't always like to follow directions to a T. So far the few dishes I've tried have turned out great and I already noticed a few other dishes I cannot wait to try! For example, Eggplant Parmesan looks delish and super easy. Only I think I'll use up the zucchini I already have and then later will try Eggplant.

Welp, that's all for now! I'm planning to hang out with my boyfriend and watch the new Madmen episode tonight! Whooo yeah! Think we might even make some g+t for this special occasion.

Hello last week of July! (How did that happen all of a sudden?)

p.s. next friday i'm having a photo shoot for the new items i'll be selling in my shop. stay tuned!



picking green beans

The other day I found this fantastic video a lady made of the braid tutorial I did awhile back. Her videos are so much fun! Go check it out.

swim at the lake.


to the lake! {anna's camera}

to the lake! {jed's camera}

to the lake! {anna's camera}

Last weekend Jed and I went off to the lake and oh boy did we have fun! We each got ourselves a disposable camera. Jed got the Walgreens (generic/drugstore brand) while I got the expensive ($1.50 more!) Kodak Fun Saver camera. In the end, there isn't much of a difference besides Kodak having 800 speed film while the generic brand had 400. Also, Jed could turn off his flash, I couldn't. No biggie, really. Anyways, the lake was fantastic! Before heading out, we stopped at an ice cream/sandwich joint on the way to pick up two cheeseburgers (stopped for ice cream on the way back!). Yum. We had a blast! I love summertime. I hope you are enjoying it too.

::More pictures on flickr.

to the lake.


we're going to the lake!

Jed and I have plans to go to the lake today and maybe have a little picnic while we're there. Can't wait!! I'm also planning to get a disposable camera and see if I can take any pictures worth sharing. We'll see. They might turn out like total crap. It's been ages since I've gotten a disposable camera! Hope you all have some fun plans this weekend!

my neighborhood.


pretty house with gardens


the post office.

pretty scenery


hfs south amana cemetery.


Are two posts even possible for me in one day?? I guess I've just taken a lot of pictures in the past few days, so I have to unload them on you! Check out my new neighborhood!

youngville cafe.

youngville cafe.

youngville cafe.

youngville cafe.

youngville cafe.

youngville cafe.

On Tuesday my mom, good friend Erin and I went on a little field trip to Youngville Cafe. We had passed by that little gas station often enough and one day we found out they serve lunch! So we decided to make a trip out there to have some lunch and then we went off to the sewing shop to take my sewing machine in for a check-up (it has been far too long). It was a really lovely time! It couldn't have been more perfect.

settling in.


evening of friends

more house pics!

more house pics!

yummy breakfast

I'm still alive! I'm all moved in and still trying to get situated. The room where I'll be working in isn't quite ready, but it'll be ready very soon! There is a clothing update waiting to happen. Sorry about the delay! In the meantime, I've been having a great time getting used to this nice old church and the cat. Her name is Jinx and she likes to climb on the counters and eat your food when you're not looking. She's actually pretty sweet when you get to know her, though there are times she can be a real pain in the rear. Oh Cat (somehow it's hard for me to call animals by their names so I've gotten in the habit of calling her "Cat"). In other news, two of my good friends came to visit me this past weekend! We made kebabs over the grill (took us awhile to figure the grill out) and ate sweetcorn and had such a wonderful conversation. I'm just so glad to have those fellows as my friends. I really miss them. Stewart is leaving in August for Washington DC and Jared will be around for awhile, but I suspect he might go back to Vancouver or some far off land. I guess I'll just have more excuses to travel and visit my pals!