food + fabric


i made soup

I don't know what's with me in the last two days, but I've really felt like cooking more. Yesterday I finished (crossing my fingers) all the accounting and taxes so I was desperate to get out of my little office. I found myself home alone on a Friday night with nothing to do. So instead of wasting away my evening, I decided to make two humongous pots of soup (hopefully will last awhile...) and these wonderful No Bake Cookies which I found a recipe for on Design*Sponge.

no bake cookies!

I put in The Gay Divorcee last night while I was baking, as I sometimes like something in the background to "set the mood," if you will. Since Ginger Rogers & Fred Astaire movies are mainly song and dance, it's the perfect type of movie to "listen" to. Of course I have to pop in every so often. It's a cute movie. But then I love all their films.

james coviello jacket

Then later in the evening, because there was nothing else to do, I decided to get out my knitting and put in another movie. I'm kind of partial to old 1930's movies, maybe because they always seem to make me feel fantastic. They're tried and true and I know I can be safe that when I watch it I'll be happy. I know, I'm pretty much hopeless. Some of my friends actually think I only watch old black and white films. It's not true, but I admit, I sometimes prefer films from a different era to films from this generation.

french press + pancakes

I know this sounds ridiculously corny, but there is a scene in Libeled Lady where Myrna Loy is making flapjacks and every single time I watch this movie I want to make flapjacks. So that's what I did this morning. Yesterday I was reading another blog and found this recipe for Swedish Pancakes and I couldn't resist. Even though today I got up late and didn't actually start making these until well after 10a.m. I was determined to make breakfast. :)

all mine

Hurray for tidied sewing rooms! I still haven't finished cleaning my sewing space, but I'm almost there. I have another closet I need to clean out and a few more boxes of fabric that I need to "unearth". It's been kind of fun "finding" all of this fabric I had forgotten I had in my stash. I try to keep my business fabric separate from my personal stash, but I admit it is hard sometimes.

my tidy little closet

I've assigned this tiny closet as "my" closet. Of course there are still a few cuts of fabric and odd pieces in there that are mainly used for business, but at least my fabric is all laid out so that when I want to make something for myself I don't have to dig around looking for fabric "I thought I had." Today I'm going to see if I can't fit in some more fabric I have in boxes.

wall of fabric

More fabric and I actually was able to fit in a few books up at the top! I really hope this will stay neat like this for a long time. I'm trying to be more diligent at folding the fabric after each use instead of stuffing it in. It's so easy to just drop my work when I'm in a rush. I also have a few large bags of scraps I need to go through and determine if they'll be of any use. So many scraps. Maybe I need to make another quilt...

Happy Saturday!


  1. Yummy!! :) And Ick....taxes!! :(

    Oh, your organized fabricy shelves look so lovely! :)

  2. Yeah, so far this year I haven't broken down crying over frustration while figuring out my taxes. But I'm still crossing my fingers...

    I still have one more closet to clean out and tidy. Yay for more space! I really need to get into a better habit of cleaning up after myself more often. It would prevent these huge cleaning days. :)