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I know I shouldn't be on here right now, but I couldn't resist. I've been meaning to post some inspirational images I've found in the last few days, but I've been caught up with work. But then, what's new?? I also have inventory to do before I finish up all that wonderful tax crap (as I like to call it). I hate doing my taxes with a passion. But we won't fill up this small space with the joys of the yearly tax hell. As much as I love talking about my hateful passion for it...

No, we're going to talk about things that make us happy. Or at least things that make me happy. Here are some images I recently found on flickr that made me smile to excess.

I adore this image from Bird in the Hand.It gives a contemporary touch to the otherwise boring plates-on-the-wall. Usually I would not like hanging plates for decoration, but I really love what this lady has done with hers. I have been noticing a lot of great art that has been created simply by how odd pieces are arranged.

I love these embroidered slippers I found on ana ventura's flickr. They remind me a little bit of the square toed slippers from the mid 19th century. I would love to have a pair of these. I bet they're cozy! (Also loving those stripey stockings. I have a weakness for stripes.)

More plates! These unique dishes were discovered on the lovely hanne::'s flickr. I'm not sure how they were made, but I like the idea of sprucing up old dishes like this. Now I'm going to have to figure out how to do this myself! I bet they would make great gifts.

I've always wanted to print my own fabric. This looks pretty simple. It'd make a lovely bag or if I really got into it I could make enough for a dress. Hm... So many ideas, so little time. This image found on gee, nicole's flickr.

Always thought it would be fun to make one of these cute clutches from one of the Japanese craft books. Not that this is something I really need or would use a lot. But it's just so dang cute. It would probably sit on my desk just so I could look at it. Speaking of purses, I really need one. My old leather thrift-find purse has about seen its last days. I'm thinking of taking it apart to make a pattern off of it, since I love it so much. But then I may want to go with a different style this time around, just to switch things up a bit.

Watch for a post on purses in the next few days. I'd like to lay out some ideas and this blog here is rather convenient for doing just that. :)

Well that is all. for now. I need to go figure out a way to organize this tiny sewing room and the massive amounts of fabric. I'm really hoping I'll find a way to store all this fabric in the small space that I have. I figured what better time to organize than inventory day? Having a clean and organized space not only gives me a good attitude to start the day, but it also helps me be productive. I just hope I can find some way that is still pleasing to the eye. I hate the idea of using all plastic tubs to store my fabric. I already store a great deal in plastic tubs stacked on each other. But I do need a way so that I can *see* the fabric or else I tend to forget I have it!

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