blog facelift



Thought I'd play around a bit with fonts and headers. I don't know about the title. Still trying to figure that out. But I am sorta going back to the original "wildflowers are pretty." I swear I'm going to stick with something and not change it again.

Okay, back to work! It's so cold and windy today. It's been lovely out and all of a sudden we got a whoosh of cold air. But that's okay. I have a lot of mock-ups to make this afternoon. :)


  1. i don't think sticking with something and not changing it at all has any value, really. change and newness makes life exciting! when i lived in china i was reading some chinese poetry and i read in the introduction to the book that the poet had etched on his bathtub, 'make it new, day by day, make it new.' that stuck with me strongly for some reason.
    i like your new header!

    in other news, here's a fun thing you might already know about.

  2. Brae, you are right about change. And knowing me, I will probably change my mind about the title and it probably won't ever stay the same. But who knows.

    I've never seen that video before. LOVE IT! Thank you. :)