I've been compiling some pictures of bags that have caught my eye in the last week or so. As I mentioned in a previous post, I am in dire need of a new purse. I love the one I've got, but the seams are starting to rip open and I figured if I am ever going to take a pattern off of it, it's going to be the easiest if I take the whole thing apart. So before I do that I'd like to have a bag to take its place. Knowing me, I'd take the bag apart and then lose interest for a couple of weeks. Besides, I'm ready for a different style.

Here are some pictures of the purses that I may want to replicate. They aren't all high quality bags, but for some reason I like the shape or the fabrics used. I am really leaning towards the one made with the plaid wool, though I adore leather purses. I'm just not sure I have enough leather to make one fully of leather. Perhaps I will break and get one of those cheap imitation purses from forever21, only I know I'll regret it because there's a huge difference between faux leather and real leather. But I must say, they don't look that bad from the pictures.

Lovely handmade bag which was found on Simply Olive.

Image from The Sartorialist. Love love love the bright red color. Wish I had some red leather sitting around. Or come to think of it, a nice green wouldn't be a bad idea either. Always need a bit of color to brighten my life. :)

This is the bag I'm thinking will be the easiest to copy. Plus it sort of reminds me of those old carpet bags from the 19th century. Only problem is what fabric to use. I have some nice wool which I thrifted awhile back that may be a good candidate for this. There should be just enough wool for a bag, but I'm not sure I want to use this particular wool for this project. I rather thought it would make a nice jacket. It's made of two narrow woven stripes of dark and light gray. So it's not exactly as bright or colorful as this orangey plaid. I do have some burgundy/cream patterned wool that may actually work better. Oh, decisions decisions!

Another image swiped from the Sartorialist. I thought about doing a simple patchwork similar to this. I have some nice velvet in my stash that would work. I thought about using velvet for one color and maybe wool for another. Eh, but I'm not sure that I really really want a bag like this.

When it comes down to it, I do prefer an all-leather bag over cloth. Of course this is another one of those cheap imitations from forever21 and I think I do like the brown one up top a little better than this one. But my biggest fear is that if I were to get a cheap bag like this, I would regret not making my own bag with the materials that I've got. Thus saving me money and making me feel a heck of a lot better about using what I have (that includes these two hands here, which are blessed with the ability to handle a needle...) I've gotta say, there's something about making my own garments that give me great joy and satisfaction. I believe in today's society we buy far too much STUFF and forget about that which we have sitting around our house. I know I can make my own bag, it will just take a little bit of my time and patience. And what's so bad about learning a little patience?

Okay, enough ranting about that! I could go on forever on that topic. whew. I've got a cupping to go to in about an hour and lots to do before then. Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend. I know I sure am!


  1. Oh! You've hit on one of my favorite topics *ever*... handbags! I've seriously got an addiction problem, not at all helped by my frequent thrifting (and unlike other things, I can usually justify a bag purchase since its "useful"... rofl!). I've been trying to get up the guts to try making my own handbag for awhile; my sketchbooks have little doodles here and there of bag designs I've come up with. But like you, I tend to like the all leather bags, and leather sewing intimidates me!

    I don't know if you have Ross out where you are, but if you do (or a similar, "designer markdowns" store), I've found some lovely bags usually in the $20-$30 range that have lasted me for years. My last-winter acquisition of a brown, leather Kenneth Cole Reaction bag for a mere $20 was the best investment ever... It still looks great despite being dragged all over the place during the past year!

    Good luck with making a decision about whether to buy or make. ;) Have you looked at Amy Butler's bag patterns? I'm particularly smitten with the Sophia carry-all (a nice, sturdy-looking bag!). Also, another page you might want to check out as far as handbag-making tips, etc. is Lisa's U-Handbag. She has some really great stuff on her site...

    (now I'm getting ideas! oh dear!!)

    Hope you have a lovely weekend and fun at the cupping event! :)

  2. Awesome! Thanks for the lovely comment, Casey! I am still undecided on the handbag dilemma. Thank you for the links! I will admit, that I ended up purchasing that top bag from forever21 yesterday. I had to get a few more things and thought I might as well grab this bag at the same time. *ehem* I know I'm super bad, but it was only $25 and the worst that could happen is that I hate the material of the bag and use it as a sort of pattern for a new one. Or I'll just use this bag until I can get around to making myself a new one. Sometimes it's really hard to make my own things when most of my days are spent making everyone else things.

    Anyways, thanks for the encouragement! I still am planning to make a bag, but maybe I'll wait until I figure out HOW I want to make it! :)

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  4. Almost forgot to add, the cupping went very well. I am still thinking about how blessed I am that we have this amazing coffee shop in town. If you ever hear about a cupping in your area, you must try and go! It's so very informative and way too much fun. After all, how many times do you get to slurp coffee in public? The louder you slurp, the cooler you are. :) (my slurp isn't loud.)