fall is here!


Late August-September Late August-September Late August-September Late August-September Late August-September Late August-September Late August-September That's right, summer has officially ended and we're in the beginning of a new and beautiful season! As always, summer slipped by much too fast. One day it was hot and I was wearing shorts and the next day (literally) I put on pants and socks! But I am happy about the change of weather. I used to love summer so much better, but these days I really am excited for chillier weather. That means more baking, crisp leaves, pumpkins, halloween and a whole new wardrobe. On that note, I'm finally getting started on my fall "collection." I know I'm utterly late, but then I always seem to be. However, I am trying to get back into a better routine now that the seasons have changed. Everyone is going back to school and it makes me want to be organized again. Summer always feels so scattered! Of course the house is a mess and I have several loads of laundry to do, but I'm going to get all that in shape this week. Now that I have an iPhone, it sure makes taking snapshots a whole lot easier! I'm going to try and carve out some time to blog, so hopefully you all will see me here more regularly.

What's your favorite season? Favorite clothing item this season? I'm on the hunt for some leather loafers. I haven't found the perfect pair yet! I also never thought I would ever wear flares again, but I am actually digging them pretty bad this year. Especially this dream pair by A.P.C. Perhaps when I get my budget figured out, I can save up. Or just make my own!

More of my instagram shots.

P.S. The second from the bottom picture is my mom on the day we celebrated her 59th birthday! She had a 1950's themed party and we watched the tv show The Hardy Boys. Mom remembered watching it when she was a little girl, even Grandma remembered! That's my grandma Sandholm (my mom's mom). It was so much fun! By the way, Mom also made the fall themed top she is wearing. :)