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braids wednesday.




I really want to blabber on and on about so many ideas I have. There are dresses I'd like to make, heirloom gardens in my head {really really want to make a small garden this year...anyone have any tips?}, I've been baking, I've been thinking...You get the idea. Instead, I'll just share these pictures. Happy middle-of-the-week!



Amazing. {Click on the picture to enter this new site from The Daily Purl.}

I am utterly inspired. Think I'm going to take up a new craft.

no-shampoo on msnbc


no-shampoo {two weeks in} 3/3/09

Hey, guys! Just a shout out that a lady from MSNBC just wrote an article on the "no-shampoo" movement and if you scroll waaay down to the bottom you will see a little mention of me. She called to interview the other day and I was amused she found my blog! Anyway, I still recommend you guys to try it or those who are on it to keep going. I haven't used actual shampoo, but since last month I tried a shampoo bar from Burt's Bees as well as Dr. Bronner's Castile Soap. Both seem to work OK, but you know, I might actually go back to using baking soda! I'm just so up in the air, aren't I? Anyway, check it out. :)

favorite relatives.


aunt sarah knits.



I don't know why, but I've been pretty worn out lately. Not that I've been really doing a whole lot, though maybe I'm just not getting enough sleep. Hm... Who knows. I guess it may have a tiny bit to do with a visit from my favorite aunt and uncle and their two cute little boys who are growing up way too fast. I know you're not really supposed to pick favorite relatives, but hands down aunt Sarah and uncle Mike are mine. I don't care what anyone says. Every time they come to visit (which isn't all that often anymore) we have a total blast. Especially my aunt and I. It's especially nice to have my mom's sister around so she can remind my mom about all the little things that happened way back when. You know, those events which your parents try hard to forget. :) My aunt and uncle have a great sense of humor, which make for lots of laughs all around. She's my mom's youngest sister and she and Mike live out in Colorado. I remember a long time ago they used to go hiking and would tell us stories of seeing bears. Once Sarah made up a song about a bear to inform Mike that there was indeed, a big black bear in their midst. She didn't want to alarm him, so she started singing "there's a bear over there...there's a bear over there..." and finally Mike got the hint. Somehow I got a huge kick from that story as a kid. Then there were the ghost stories she told my sister, cousin and I every Christmas before we went to bed. Those were the best. Anyway, not to go down memory lane too much here, but we've always had a real good time. And I wish they could stay forever.

easter weekend.


dinner with friends. from Anna Allen on Vimeo.

I know this is kind of late, but I hope you all had a lovely Easter! Mine was spent eating a delicious meal consisting of stuffed eggplant, salad, excellent wine and cheese made by our friend Phil. It was fun and relaxing. I hid behind the camera while they discussed Tolstoy in depth {not in this scene, but earlier that evening}.

it's friday!


flourless chocolate cake

hello hello! It's been awhile since I've written anything here. I blame it on the snow we got last weekend. It was just a dusting, but it still threw me off. I took a picture of the snow coming down on Sunday and then by Monday it had melted and turned into a beautiful spring day. So I guess maybe I have no excuse for my short absence. :)

I've been busy sewing and dreaming up lots more projects, going to book clubs and making pita bread. Oh, and I made a flourless chocolate cake to bring to the book club and I must say, it was a big hit. I am totally making that cake again and again, because it was good. Real good. There were a few pieces left over and I admit, I had some left overs for breakfast and even a little snack for lunch. Oh it's evil cake, people. I'm warning you, there must be several others who are around to eat it up before you're tempted to get a second or third...or even a fourth piece. Don't say I didn't warn you, but in case you get the hankering for some gosh-darn terrific chocolatey goodness, here is the recipe. (And another here.)

bluestocking society

About the book club, my friend Brandi started it up a few months ago and it's for women under the age of 40 who are interested in reading and discussion. I'm so glad she put this together because it's allowed me to meet some fantastic women and we've got a really great list of 19th century literature to keep us busy for several months. I also don't have a chance to get out a whole lot these days, so it has been wonderful going out to meet other people around the area. And we always get onto random topics while we're there (I love getting off topic); sipping wine, munching on cheese and crackers and other snacks. It's delightful.

I hope you all have a splendid weekend! Tomorrow is another shape-note meeting and we're having some family over for an Easter dinner. Should be some fun.

I am aching to learn this type of dance. (Btw, if you have about an hour and a half to spare, you really should watch this documentary. It's fascinating.)

new month


wool sweater remade into cardigan

I saw this brilliant idea over at Angry Chicken awhile back and ever since have been meaning to salvage this sweater I got from Goodwill over the cold weather months. Something about it didn't suit me the way it was, so I cut into it and using red thread, I zig-zagged over the edges twice. Super easy. Of course there are some moth holes (didn't notice these when purchasing the sweater) that I need to take care of. Not sure if I want to just mend them invisibly or if I want to do something else... They aren't super noticeable, but I'd rather fix them.

For all you no-shampooers out there, I took a quick picture this afternoon of my hair. I'm still on the baking soda routine and will stay on it until I can find a good shampoo-bar to use in place of it. For those of you who recommended LUSH, thank you! Only I wish we had one here. First time I ever went into that store was in Bath, England. My friend and I loooved it. I even bought some henna and dyed my hair that very day. So I have good memories from that store.

And here's a little something that's making me happy.