new/old sewing machine.


my new sewing machine.

I picked up this little gal (big gal? it weighs a ton) this past weekend. I literally spent the entire afternoon on Saturday researching "MAYFAIR" machines with almost no luck. I know, that's so depressing. I totally wasted my Saturday. I did find a general manual for sewing machines on google books, though. And since then have done a bit more research and asked a few experts. I am pretty sure it's a White machine, but am not positive. And it looks a lot like the Domestic machines and Eldredge. I also purchased a bunch of supplies to refurbish it and bring it back to life. Some of the cords were looking pretty scary and I am not going to take any chances. Those are getting removed and I'm replacing them with brand new cords and a totally new light. My boyfriend was good enough to volunteer and help me out with this project. I know nothing about replacing cords and he does. :) Also there's a lot of cleaning to be done and detail work. I'm sure this will be a bit of an ongoing project, but I think I'll be very happy when I have it up and running. I've always wanted a vintage sewing machine. They're supposed to be little workhorses and I don't doubt that. I'm also excited to try out my new/old buttonholer. I love sewing tools and gadgets. :)

p.s. my seeds are just starting to pop their little heads up! i'm so excited!!

garden, take two.


baker creek heirloom seeds.

crossing fingers...

Last year my garden was terribly unsuccessful. But that's OK. I'm pretty sure every successful gardener out there have had their failures. So I'm trying again this year, only instead of planting everything, I'm keep with mainly herbs and pretty flowers. And I'm going to plant them in pots. This way I can transport them with me when I move and I can keep a better eye on the little fellows. Eventually I'd like to take some rose clippings from my heirloom plant* and try to make a new rose bush. I think I have to wait until there are leaves on the bush, though, so I guess that will be a project in the summer.

*given to me by my parents on my 16th birthday. :)

what i've been up to.


grading patterns

sneak peek.

took a break.

I've been grading patterns mostly. I'm allllmost done with this dress pattern (and blouse/tunic as well). There's just a lot of work that goes into pattern making. I knew it wouldn't be easy, but it's very tedious. You have to test test test and there's a lot of numbers and things involved. (I'm not exactly what you'd call a math whiz...) Sometimes you just have to take a break from it all (hello chocolate chip cookie). :) But it's been fun! I'm excited to finally have some garments to sell from my own designs! They should be available soonish. I can't say when exactly, but once I have the patterns all wrapped up, I can start sewing! I'll keep you guys updated.

On a side note, I won't be selling the actual patterns at this time. There's so much work involved that I'd rather hold onto my designs for now. Perhaps someday when I have loads of time on my hands I will write directions and sell some of my patterns. Thanks for understanding!

P.S. Those sandals are still available if anyone is interested!

leather sandals sz 9/39 for sale::


If you might be interested in this pair, please let me know! Thanks! :)

P.S. Hope you are enjoying your Monday. I have another sneak peek coming up real soon...

good friends.


visiting friends.

This morning I woke up to a call (okay, so I slept in, I was sewing until 3a.m. last night...) from my friend Megan. She's in town! A week ago she contacted me to let me know she might be driving through with her family, but she wasn't sure yet. So I was pretty happy they were able to make a stop through Iowa. She and her sister Greta came for the day. We lounged around, made lunch, talked, and then went down to Mt. Vernon for some awesome antique shopping. It was a lovely time. They're headed back tomorrow morning. I'll miss them!!

happy st. paddy's day!


happy st. paddy's day!

I made these to celebrate the occasion. It's wet and rainy outside. Reminds me of when I was in Ireland. :)

{a silly picture of my friend and i in an irish pub 4 years ago.}

taking it easy::



The last week or so I've had a cold and just yesterday and today it really hit me. So today I decided to just take it easy. I've got a cup of chamomile tea, some knitting books, yarn and my laptop filled with old movies to watch. So that's what I'm doing today. Oh yeah, and laundry. We mustn't forget about that. ;)