the week at its end.


knit knit

i like waffles better than pancakes.


**Been sewing a lot and listening to Billie Holiday.

**Yesterday I woke up to a blanket of snow on the ground. Despite wishing it were summer, this made me happy.

**Last night I watched The Women while hand sewing trim on a dress. I saw it once a long time ago and I don't remember it being so good! Really, you must check it out (especially if you are a woman.) ;) I heard there is a remake? It couldn't possibly be as good as the original.

**Today is another day of sewing for me, but I'm nearing the end of one project and it's turning out really very nice. I always get a little nervous until I see it all coming together the way I pictured it.

**Hey, look...Erica gave me a little blog award. Aww, thanks! :) And here are 10 blogs I love:

I hope everyone has had a lovely weekend. I had better get started on that pile of sewing!

P.S. I forgot someone had asked awhile back if I could get them the link to my old music playlist. I took it off because it was screwing up my page, but I want to make a new one sometime. Until then, you can find the old one here. :)


  1. Your hair looks super adorable.


  2. I saw the remake... it wasn't that great.. :)

  3. i've had billie on the last 3 days straight - something about her that calms me down. happy living :)

  4. aw, thanks Loretta! i was going for a vintage {think Katharine Hepburn} look. i'm still working on it, though.

    Jenny, you definitely should check out the original version. if you have time and a fast enough connection, YouTube has the whole movie. that's how i watched it the second time. it's an interesting film with an interesting message. i actually kind of want to see it with my sister and then talk about it afterwards. lol. actually Stewart might be interested in it as well, even though the movie is all about women. also i found out it was directed by one of my favorite directors, George Cukor. {sorry i am rattling on and on about this. haha} here's the link:

  5. Where did you get those blankets? I love them! Oh and thanks for introducing me to TOAST. I save every issue and use them as inspiration.

  6. hi, Elizabeth! I got the blue coverlet from Family Heirloom Weavers. it's a reproduction from the mid 19th century and is made of linen and wool. i'm not sure if they have them anymore, but it is fabulous. i use it so much.

    also more blankets here:

    the other two blankets i got at Salvation Army. i'm pretty sure they are wool or at least mostly wool. they are from the Amana woolen mill nearby. i keep finding these Amana blankets at the local thrift store, so there must be someone around here who is getting rid of their old blankets. fine with me!