quiet evening.

mmm pizza

I do hope you all are having a nice weekend. Even though it looks like I'm lounging about, I'm actually working. But I did finish one big project and that makes me feel great. Now to finish the next big project!


  1. That dress is so freakin' gorgeous! Let me guess: you used a vintage pattern, right? :) Love the fabric!

    Hope you have a great weekend too.

  2. thanks, casey! actually, it's a vintage housecoat! i got it several years ago and finally got around to fixing some of the seams. i also took it in a bit and i added inverted box pleats in the sleeves. it's probably a couple sizes too big for me, but since there's a tie in the back it doesn't really show. i'm debating whether or not i should wear it out, since it's technically supposed to be worn at the house. now if i had some white 1930s lace up heels, i might consider it.... :)

  3. I was coming to comment about how I love your dress too! :-) So pretty and the colors are great for you!
    Also, that pizza looks way too yummy! :-) I hope you're doing well!

    Laura S.

  4. I love the blankets on your couch! Where did you find them?