Sorry guys. I have not been on here to update much at all lately. I have been side-tracked with work and projects that must be completed. I'm planning to work really hard all weekend and all through Sunday, then repeat Monday through to the next weekend. I imagine it's going to be kind of funny doing the no-shampoo thing during a busy week. My face has been breaking out too. That only means one thing. I will say no more... So yes. I'll try to post when I can. I'm hoping to take a break sometime during the weekend and write up a post about my plan for the no-shampooing. I'm surprised that so many of you are willing to venture in on this! Some of you have already started. Way cool. Let's see if through all this heavy working and no-shampooing and, well, you know...everything...let's hope I do not go completely insane.

Oh yeah, I also have pictures on my camera I have yet to upload. And I'm thinking of switching things up with the whole breakfast-picture-thing. Like, take a picture anytime I feel like taking a picture of my breakfast. 'Cause there are weeks when I have hardly any time to worry so much that my breakfast is pretty enough for a picture. Heck, maybe I will switch it up sometime and take a picture of something else! I'm not sure what else yet, but I do want to continue trying to photograph more. {Of course this happens to be a no-picture post. Go figure...}

Happy weekend!

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  1. hope your week doesn't become too overwhelming! as always i love your posts regardless of their pictorial content; can't wait to see more ;)