thank you


{some buttons and a few broaches i picked up last week}

Just wanted to drop back on here to let you know that I appreciate all of your comments on my '30s trousers {here and on my flickr pages}. You guys are very encouraging! My idea to start making my own clothing began when I decided I'd really love to make a line of clothing that I'd actually wear. But since most of my time is spent making historical clothing for others, I didn't think I'd have enough time to put together a line. So I figured if I just start making things for myself whenever I get a little time here and there, maybe I can take what I've made and turn it into a small line. A few people asked if I had the trousers available for sale, but right now I'm not sure I'm ready to take on orders. I'm also planning to make another pair in a similar style, but alter it slightly (shorten the waist, drawstring, zip fly instead of buttons on either side, hem the legs shorter so they are more like mid-calf, made in linen). I also have several tops in mind that I want to make. This whole "line" will largely be influenced by the 1930s or thereabouts. I love the '30s so much {even more now that I whacked the hair off} and am finding that's really "my" style. It's what I feel the best in.

If you are ever interested in something I'm making, please feel free to drop me a line {}. And depending on my work load, I might be tempted into making it for you. ::And I haven't forgotten about the leather bags. Still working on finding the right leather. In a few weeks I'm going to Chicago and a friend there said she wants to take me to a place that just might have some. So we'll see. {Not to mention the loads of fabric shopping we'll be doing...if only I had a larger wallet...}

On another note, I haven't had much to write about in the last few weeks, but I'd like to get better at blogging. I always enjoy it, but finding something to write about that is of any interest can sometimes be hard, especially when there's mostly just work and nothing exciting going on in my life. I think mostly I'm just overloaded with a lot of things so I haven't been able to really sit down with a clear mind. I'll be on here again before too long. I've got a 1940s dresser and vanity that Mom gave me and needs some TLC. So I'm thinking some before/after pictures are in order. :) And that chair I got last year which dearly needs new cushions made. Also have a vintage bike that needs help. badly. I want to do more biking as the weather gets nicer, so I need this bike in shape! If anyone knows of some DIY linkage on fixing old bikes, I'd love to hear about 'em. I'd like to try and do it myself, because that's the way I am. It was a cheap bike and cost me barely $8, but I'd like not to have to drop an arm and a leg fixing it up if at all possible.

Have a lovely week. As for me, back to sewing.


  1. Anna, just wanted to say you are one of the most talented and inspiring young woman I know! :) I can't wait to see what your little clothing line will look like--gorgeous I'm sure!! :)

  2. Ditto the above!

    This might help with the bike thing:
    We're actually opening up a bike museum here at UCD! Really really old ones too, from the very early 18th century.

  3. Dittoes the other comments! Anna, you're insanely talented - I wouldn't be surprised if you start your own boutique someday. :)

    And I can't wait to see your clothing line! I'm sure I'm going to want everything you make. ^_^

  4. Aw, you guys are great. Definitely helps boost my confidence. :)

    David, thanks for the linkage! I'll definitely check that out. And that museum sounds A-Mazing! All the way back to the 18th