how to enjoy a beautiful day at the lake::


{unfortunately, this is just me daydreaming. if only i had the afternoon free today. the weather is absolutely marvelous.}

Pack a basket filled with:
1 bottle red wine
block of cheese + knife to cut it with
loaf of bread or crackers
1 cloth to wrap the cheese and bread in
1 plate
1 glass
1 "feel good" book

1 quilt
wear a cotton summer dress
1 sweater, if a bit chilly

Pack everything up and put it in the car. Drive out to the nearest lake. Spread the blanket. Take out the book. Proceed to pour one glass of wine. Indulge in the beauty which surrounds.

Note to self: don't drink too much wine. Must be capable of driving home.

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  1. Cute! What a great way to pass the time while sewing. :) Daydream up a picnic excursion!