let yourself go


I've been on an extreme '30s/Ginger Rogers/Myrna Loy/old movies kick lately {wow I'm such a sap}. Oh and guess what came in the mail yesterday {only I didn't realize it until today}? Major and the Minor, which recently {finally} came out on DVD. Love that movie. A total sappy feel-good movie all the way and I've seen it sooo so many times, but somehow never get tired of it. I watched that today while sewing. Yesterday I put in several Ginger Rogers & Fred Astaire movies as well. I love this scene from Follow the Fleet. I guess I'm a total sucker for the 1930s. And oh boy would I love to learn how to dance like that!

The rest of my weekend went splendidly. Nothing too exciting happened. In fact, I don't think I left the house once! Which was a good thing for me. I think I needed a break to clear the mind. Had a few bottles of some good Dutch beer I'd never tried before and lots and lots and lots of good old black and white films playing in the background while I sewed. {There's nothing quite like glorious black and white.}

Yesterday I mostly spent my time making a pattern off of one of my favorite vintage dresses. Then today I made a mock-up of it and only had to make a few minor adjustments. Making patterns off of garments is a lot harder than it looks! At least it took me longer this time than I thought it would. I thought this one would be easy because it's a pretty basic dress. But the dart gave me a few issues. Silly darts. At least everything worked out great and I've already started cutting out the fabric. I'm looking forward to having another summer dress to wear. Unfortunately, didn't get to the black dress yet. I'll have to work on that next weekend. Tomorrow {well technically today} I'm back to work. So much to catch up to, but I really needed that break to sew something a little different for a change. Well I hope everyone else had a satisfactory weekend!


  1. I wish they would have included the bit with Ginger singing in the youtube clip. The lyrics to that song are so darling ; )

  2. I know! I love it! Here's the link to that clip where Ginger sings:

    Gotta love the lyrics...

    As you listen to the band dont you get a bubble?
    As you listen to them play dont you get a glow?
    If you step out on the floor
    Youll forget your trouble
    If you go into your dance
    Youll forget your woe

    Get together
    Let the dance floor feel your leather
    Step as lightly as a feather
    Let yourself go

    Hit the timber
    Loosen up and start to limber
    Cant you hear that hot marimba?
    Let yourself go

    Let yourself go
    And let yourself go
    Youve got yourself tied up in a knot
    The night is cold but the musics hot

    Cuddle closer
    Dont you dare to answer no, sir
    Butcher, banker, clerk and grocer
    Let yourself go

  3. Oh yay! This is definitely going to get stuck in my head : ) I really have to buy Follow the Fleet. There so many great numbers in it. And who can beat Fred in a sailor uniform?? Hehe

  4. Oh yes, this movie is a must-have! I was lucky and got the whole Ginger Rogers & Fred Astaire collection for Christmas one year, so I have them at my fingertips whenever I have an urge. :)

    And Ginger looks pretty cute in a sailor costume too! Btw, not sure if you've ever seen Ozzy & Harriet. It's an old '50s TV show I used to watch. Anyway, Harriet plays Ginger's sister. Also Lucille Ball and Betty Grable are in there for a few moments. It's fun to spot some of the lesser known actors (who later were more famous) in bit parts. Can you tell I'm a huge old-movies nut? Geez I'm such a dork. haha