lucked out


Today I went out with my friend Elyssa to this tiny little town nearby that has the most amazing cafe with the best homemade fries I've ever eaten in my life. So good. We also went to some antique shops around the area and I totally lucked out. Picked up an original 1850s tintype of two gorgeous women. And the price tag: $8. Yeah, only eight buckos. I sure swiped that one. This never happens to me. Like ever. So you can imagine how happy I am. It's just an all around amazing image. Take a look...

My frickin' amazing 1850s tintype

And here's my outfit that I wore, because I like to take pictures of my outfits. hehe. I really love the 1930s and after getting my hair chopped, I've been really kickin' the '30s look these days. Need to try putting my hair in pin-curls one of these days to see what I'd look like in a true '30s do. Oh what a dork I am.

in a 1930's mood

and my friend Elyssa (who recently went and got herself engaged)

Another find I made the other day was at Goodwill. I decided to peruse the dress section quickly before heading out the door when I happened upon this apron. And to top it off? It happened to be tagged with green and green was on sale for .88 cents that day. So yeah, I pretty much ran out with that one too. I think I'm a hopelessly old fashioned. But what can I say? There was so much beauty in times past. I think we've lost a lot of it in our modern plastic world we live in.

vintage apron

On the "This is..." front. I'm going to have to play catch-up, 'cause I'm really getting behind here... ack.


  1. CONGRATS on the photo! It's a nice one!!!


  2. I really adore that first outfit.

  3. I've been meaning to try pincurls for a while, too! I think I may even have a link with instructions somewhere around here... ;D We should form a club: dorky girls who want pin curls. It even rhymes! Sorta ; )

  4. again, wow, awesome tintype find! That's some serious deal shopping there!
    And don't get me started on how much I love the '30s look ;-) Seriously, don't! haha!

  5. i love your pinny!
    gorgeous blog!