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wool sweater remade into cardigan

I saw this brilliant idea over at Angry Chicken awhile back and ever since have been meaning to salvage this sweater I got from Goodwill over the cold weather months. Something about it didn't suit me the way it was, so I cut into it and using red thread, I zig-zagged over the edges twice. Super easy. Of course there are some moth holes (didn't notice these when purchasing the sweater) that I need to take care of. Not sure if I want to just mend them invisibly or if I want to do something else... They aren't super noticeable, but I'd rather fix them.

For all you no-shampooers out there, I took a quick picture this afternoon of my hair. I'm still on the baking soda routine and will stay on it until I can find a good shampoo-bar to use in place of it. For those of you who recommended LUSH, thank you! Only I wish we had one here. First time I ever went into that store was in Bath, England. My friend and I loooved it. I even bought some henna and dyed my hair that very day. So I have good memories from that store.

And here's a little something that's making me happy.


  1. I have a book called Craftivity by Tsia Carson that has a great project for moth holes...basically just making stitches around the hole edges as though you were finishing a button hole. It makes the hole more pronounced, but with an intentional look...using thread to match the zigzag edging could be very cute!

    I love how the sweater turned out, btw!

    I've also hung in there with the no-shampoo...I think it's finally balanced out, but my scalp is very dry. For me, I think that will change when we get back to California where the humidity is a little bit more even-keel.

  2. Oh! it's ever so lovely and cozy!! :)
    Happy April!!

  3. man, Shannon beat me to the suggestion I was going to make! you could even go a step further and try some makeshift embroidery...

  4. LUSH has neat soaps, but they dry out my skin.

    I've been using a natural body soap made of lard and lye from The soap is very gentle--I love it.

  5. The first time I went in to a lush store was last May when I first went up to Edmonton. I got to walk out with several different samples for facial products that I used right before, and after getting back from tree-planting. It's a very beautiful, colourful store to go in. Almost like a candy shop (I'm sure that's intentional marketing.. very wily of them.)

    I am curious to see your hair when I get back. It looks like I'll be there from May 18th onwards for a short chunk of time. You should know, that the offer and opportunity for you to come live and work out of Vancouver is still there. If you are the least bit interested, let me know and you can join me and at least two other girls (your age) who are all trying to get some sense of direction of where they want to be and go with life right now. I think everyone's a bit wary of the short/long-term commitment to a vague limbo... but that could be part of the adventure of sorting it out together. Either WAY, we'll catch up when I'm there in May shampoo girl.

  6. Hi!

    Thank you for mentioning my blog, you are really kind, it made me so happy.
    I´ve found your blog via Savilintu, you have been on my bookmarks since the autumn.. and I really like your blog and your style, it´s so down-to-earth (I don´t know can one say so, but I mean it really positively, it´s little bit difficult to write in English), but I just wanted to say.. Thank you very much :)

  7. And... the newest blogging news is....

  8. Hmmm, how is the baking soda going for you? Does it keep your hair clean? I have problems with getting greasy hair easiyl because its so fine, i wash it every second day to try and stop using as much shampoo as i do!!

  9. Lush didn't work for me sadly. Although now I use Body Shop's Honey shampoo. It's gentle enough for my hair. Ask for a sample and try it if you can. Hope this helps.