easter weekend.


dinner with friends. from Anna Allen on Vimeo.

I know this is kind of late, but I hope you all had a lovely Easter! Mine was spent eating a delicious meal consisting of stuffed eggplant, salad, excellent wine and cheese made by our friend Phil. It was fun and relaxing. I hid behind the camera while they discussed Tolstoy in depth {not in this scene, but earlier that evening}.


  1. wish you were there with us, Larissa!

  2. I love love love your music playlist. Sigur ros is amazing arent they? I'm going to Iceland next month and I'll be hanging out with some local bands there. Have you heard of Amiina? They were the strings section on their Takk album. I will post some photos on my blog when I get back. Maybe I'll get to hang out with Sigur Ros! Love your blog too!

  3. the meal sounds delicious. glad you had a nice easter! xox

  4. The house looks so cozy and your accents sound so distinctively American. I'd forgotten how almost "southern" some of you, and you, can sound to my ears.

    From what I know from people who have worked/volunteered at organic food co-ops, it's one of those great, wild rides. You meet a lot of today's young, hippie vagrants, the interesting people that you'll never know how to describe of what made them quite so likeable later on. I think you'd enjoy it a lot. Yes, some hard work in the mornings, but a lot of time to cut loose and just live and breath. I know some are more professional to some degree or another, but to some degree there's still a looseness to life whenever people open up their land to young travellers of any background and education.

    As to counting down the days to when I'll be back, I TOO am really looking forward to being back. At this moment I'm grieving a bit actually how short my time may be... but I'll know a bit later what date I'll be out of there if I do get hired somewhere before hand. France is good, and life is happy in most of it's ins and outs, but it's also now very "normal" and routine, and thus its hard not to look forward to when my parents finally come visit me here, and then the time I'll have with friends back in Iowa and even just landing in my own house again. I sent you an e-mail here about a french dinner a few days after I'm back, but it'd be silly not to see you before then. We can talk as it draws closer...