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I don't know why, but I've been pretty worn out lately. Not that I've been really doing a whole lot, though maybe I'm just not getting enough sleep. Hm... Who knows. I guess it may have a tiny bit to do with a visit from my favorite aunt and uncle and their two cute little boys who are growing up way too fast. I know you're not really supposed to pick favorite relatives, but hands down aunt Sarah and uncle Mike are mine. I don't care what anyone says. Every time they come to visit (which isn't all that often anymore) we have a total blast. Especially my aunt and I. It's especially nice to have my mom's sister around so she can remind my mom about all the little things that happened way back when. You know, those events which your parents try hard to forget. :) My aunt and uncle have a great sense of humor, which make for lots of laughs all around. She's my mom's youngest sister and she and Mike live out in Colorado. I remember a long time ago they used to go hiking and would tell us stories of seeing bears. Once Sarah made up a song about a bear to inform Mike that there was indeed, a big black bear in their midst. She didn't want to alarm him, so she started singing "there's a bear over there...there's a bear over there..." and finally Mike got the hint. Somehow I got a huge kick from that story as a kid. Then there were the ghost stories she told my sister, cousin and I every Christmas before we went to bed. Those were the best. Anyway, not to go down memory lane too much here, but we've always had a real good time. And I wish they could stay forever.

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