times they are a changin'


{times they are a changin'}

sewing sewing sewing
{working hard on a project.}

I'm not really sure what I'm going to write about tonight, so bear with me! It's been awhile since I've actually blogged. I mean, I have blogged, just feel like I haven't really put much into my posts lately. My mind has been everywhere and I've been thinking a lot about everything at once. Do you ever get that feeling where you want to just put all of your thoughts on paper and forget about them for like...a month? And then by the time that month is over you can go look at your thoughts; they already will have worked themselves out and you can be on your merry way? Well, this is how I think. :) I feel like my mind is everywhere and sometimes I forget to think about the stuff that really matters. I'm too caught up with all the worries of the moment. They may even be legitimate worries, but sometimes you just have to put them aside, read a magazine, look at a pretty picture, take a walk, smell the fresh air. I think for me, those are the times when I really step back and look at the big picture. When I see that life really does go on, even when you feel overwhelmed with everything.

...Moment... I'm listening to Marjorie's beautiful music selection {scroll down} and right now it is Midlake "Young Bride" and it is perfect. Btw, I love Midlake. Yes, you should check them out.

Okay, back to whatever it was I was saying...

Oh yes, what was I saying again? Anyway, some random thoughts. I think too much. Lately I have been appreciating the outdoors around me. Not that I have had a whole lot of time to go outside, but I am noticing the weather is changing, leaves are beginning to change and I smell the crisp air. I have rediscovered my stockings and my leather lace-up boots. {The ones that make me feel slightly Victorian.} And they make me feel taller and maybe a little older. :) I've been thinking of stuff to make for the colder weather which is creeping up on us. I have visions of flannel shirts and plaid wool coats. I picked up a Vintage Vogue pattern at the fabric store the other day while they were on sale. Perhaps I will find time to make this coat on the weekends, among all the other projects I am envisioning to make for myself. Yes, I have way too much on my plate of things to make already, but I can't help but think of new things. Sewing things for myself really does help me take that much needed break, as strange as that sounds. I sew all the time for work, but I actually have more fun sewing things for myself and I'm not ashamed to admit it! It renews my love of sewing, because when I sew for myself I sew whatever the heck I feel like sewing. It could be a top, it could be trousers, a coat, a bag, the possibilities are endless! And if I get tired working on a particular project and want to move onto another, well there is nothing stopping me! I'm totally free to be my artistic self and it feels absolutely marvelous. I'm telling you, it really takes the stress off of me. Perhaps one day I will get to the point where I am only sewing items I feel like sewing, but I honestly doubt that will ever happen. I can dream!

I am thinking, though, that I will eventually get a little more organized in what I will and will not sew {for work}. Perhaps I will actually get around to making that line of clothing or make a run of leather bags as well. In fact, I am thinking more seriously about those leather bags. I will keep you posted, as I know several of you were interested in them back when I first made mine.

I realize this is a bit of a jumbled blog this evening {er, morning} but I felt like writing and when I get those urges, it's best I take them while I have them. I'll be back. Lots of projects ahead of me and lots and lots of work to get done. I keep telling myself not to get overloaded. I think more walks are in order to clear my mind! They help very much. Very much indeed.

P.S. I love banjos {Marjorie posted this awhile back I believe - thank you!} and I also love fiddles. Music is also a huge stress reliever for me. And these tunes sooth my soul.


  1. i really enjoyed reading this - these past few years have basically just been the very essence of what you just described with the writing of the feelings and the jumbled life. i kept a journal (this was back before i blogged) and really wrote it all out (coincidentally around this time of the morning, too) and it was real therapy. after my hand cramped (in this case your fingertip) and my anger/confusion subsided, i would go to sleep and wake to appreciate the day and all of its blooming nature. i'm glad to hear you wrote it all out and are waiting for the moment when you look back and laugh at the resolution, because it will happen. it always does.

    p.s. loving the vintage vogue pattern, by the way. and fall is far too much of an amazing season to be distracted by such trivial things :)

  2. thank you for your comment! i appreciate it and glad i can relate to others through this here blog. :) there is just so much to distract us from everything around us. i can't let my worries take over my mind. there is so much to appreciate. again, thank you!

  3. i just discovered your blog, and i like it tremendously!
    i do know the feeling of having too many projects in my mind. i thought i'd make a little book of ideas to carry around so i could write down all of my ideas for projects of sewing and knitting and things like that, but somehow i never started yet. maybe i should now...

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  5. Love the coat you made me. It's perfect. I couldn't ask for anything better. You have a wonderful talent.

    Lots of love,