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{random kitty picture. who doesn't like random kitty pictures? she's a little feisty, but i don't mind.}

Lately I've been thinking a lot about budgets. I know, it's not exactly a fun topic, but I came to the realization that I really need to put one together for myself. My brother is a whiz at this sort of thing and he's always asking me about my business, so I thought I would see if he could help. I emailed him (as he's living in Russia at the moment) and he sent me a list of questions to fill out. That's one of the things I think I'll be doing this afternoon. It's the kind of task I SO dread. Money makes me ill, but it's also something I need. I've been reading The Boss of You, which is a fantastic book for anyone who is thinking of starting (or who already have started) their own business. I'm telling you, this book would have come in handy when I first started my business. As I'm reading the book I keep nodding my head "yes, yes, YES!" So much stuff in that book I can relate to. From hating money (but realizing one needs it and money isn't always a bad thing) to the whole reason for starting your own business. I never ever started a business so that I could make it "big." That has never, nor will it ever, be my intention. It was very simple. I loved sewing and I loved historical clothing a TON. I couldn't find anything else that I could see myself doing in the future, so I took it upon myself to begin a business that fit my needs and my skills. As with anything (be it college, experiences in life etc.) you gradually find what you are best at and what you enjoy the most. I think I'm still figuring this out, actually. But after all this time, I still enjoy historical sewing immensely. And the more I do it, the better I get and the more confidence I have in myself. (Confidence in oneself is always a plus.) ;-)

I think now I look at what I have done, nearing on my 5th year in business; asking myself where I want to go from here and what exactly is it that I want from my business. One thing they encourage you to do in the book is to jot down the reasons you have your own business and what exactly will make you feel that your business is a success. It could be as simple as paying rent and taking a month vacation a year or whatever. But they strongly encourage you to write it all down. I've never actually done this before, because it's easy to think you've got it stored up there in your brain, so there's no need to put it on paper. The problem is you tend to forget about these goals when times are stressful and little bit by little bit, you end up changing your goals without realizing it. So having a hard copy on a piece of paper to look over every now and then is a smart idea.

I'm not even halfway through the book yet, as I'm just taking a little bit at a time, trying to drink it all in slowly. But so far it's been very encouraging and I think it's exactly what I needed, to get "back on track" as far as the vision of my business goes. So go pick it up if you think it's something you might find helpful!

Okay, enough talk about that! Let's get onto something maybe a little bit more fun. Like...knitting! I finally took out my knitting from last year and began knitting one of the sleeves that was almost completed. I knitted two rows before I realized I made a mistake at the beginning. I ended up ripping that out and haven't started it up again. But it's one of those projects where I had to take the time to figure out where exactly I left off and how I was doing it. So now I feel like I've got a pretty tight grasp on all the directions once again. SO next time let's hope I don't make the same mistake. I've got the rest of this sleeve to do and then just one more sleeve. After that comes the blocking and assembling. I can't wait for this sweater to be done!

And because whenever I have one project to finish, I always begin another, I have been looking at a lot of different projects to start on. Here's my list so far! I'm not sure which one I want to start with, except I'm really fond of Jenny's slouch hat, so will probably begin with that. :)
Doesn't it just make you feel so cozy? Since the weather is changing and it's starting to get a bit chilly, I feel like knitting everything at once. I'm not the greatest knitter ever, but I'd like to get better at it. Though with every hard project where I have to think a lot, it's nice to have an easy project to work on during movies or while meeting with friends over coffee. Now I need to run to the store and pick up some needles that I thought I already had. grrr. Another project: organize my knitting needles.


  1. im glad to hear you're grabbing a whole new set of reigns on your business ;) i used to knit but it was simple stuff like pot holders and scarves - im really impressed with your bolero you've got coming along! its going to look really cute when you're finished ;)

  2. I am currently reading "Total Money Makeover" by Dave Ramsey. A friend gave me a copy of this book and it was one of the most useful gifts I have ever recieved. After you finish what you are reading, give it a try! TOTALLY worth the read, I actually find it entertaining. I've just started his way of money management, and already I feel as though I have hope again.

  3. So wish I was talented in the knitting area!! I've often thought about starting my own business but its so daunting, I admire any one who does it!!

  4. That book sounds great...I'll have to add it to my library list! :) I agree with you about money...and the reasons you started your business sound much the same as me.

    I envy your knitting skills! I can only seem to manage a simple scarf!! ;)

    Happy Monday!

  5. Hi Anna,

    Thank you so much for your kind words about The Boss of You! I'm so glad you're enjoying it. :)

    If you're thinking about budgets a lot, this may help: Emira and I put together a sample budget in spreadsheet form that you can download and play around with.

    All the best,

  6. Lauren, wow! Thanks for stopping by my blog. And thanks for the spreadsheet! That'll definitely come in handy. :)

    Marjorie, yes, I definitely recommend picking up this book. It's a great read and very helpful! Also, I'm betting you could manage to knit more than a scarf. I still consider myself a beginning knitter, but have been slowly trying out harder projects. I still rip out a lot and take my time! I have about a million and one projects in my head and want to work on them all at once! (Probably a bad idea...)

    Jen, I'm actually not super talented in the knitting area (read above) and as far as starting my own business, I just take it a little bit at a time. It's not always easy, but I keep reminding myself it's totally worth it!

    Chandra, I think my mom has some books or tapes by Dave Ramsey. I'll have to check it out. Though too many books on my plate and I get overwhelmed! So I'm gonna start little bit by little. :)

    Erica, Thanks! You should definitely get back into knitting. It's addictive and it makes you want to buy all these cool yarns. :) On second thought..... ;)