small town iowa


Check out these pictures of a small town in Iowa, 1939-1942 from Everett W. Kuntz. {via for me, for you}

Just had to post that. :)


  1. I love those photos! Thanks for the link. I esp. like #7-check out their cute outfits.

  2. so i know this is completely irrelevent to your post but i just noticed you had "say hello" by rosie thomas and sufjan stevens and i love you for that!

    oh and the picture is petty quirky as well ;) haha keep it up

  3. Cool shots. I also really like the outfits.

  4. Love these. I have forgot what it was like to live on a farm near a small town similar to that one.

    Pacific Junction, 507 people

    Gotta miss country life.

  5. You know, I've just discovered your blog and adore it!! I've just been getting back into sewing and have this week made a skirt and top - do you sew a lot of your clothes? And your living in the wilderness weekend sounds amazing!! How do you get into this?