when it rains, it pours


Flooding in Cedar Rapids
{Picture from the Gazette Online showing the downtown area in Cedar Rapids.}

Literally. All of downtown is flooded. Amazing and horrible all at the same time. The front of the Gazette website has a pretty good shot of downtown. Here's some pictures on a youtube video. Absolutely crazy. Strange to think that just last weekend I was walking around downtown for the big farmer's market. And now? It's all covered in water. They say the river could get up to 30 ft. Then again, earlier today they said it would only get to 20 then 24. So time will tell I guess. I feel pretty bad for those who have lost so much. I don't live in the city, so I'm far enough away that it doesn't really affect me. Though I'm almost afraid to go out because a lot of the roads are blocked off at the moment. Let's hope this all gets cleared up soon so people can get on with their lives...


  1. That's crazy! I haven't been really following the flooding on the news...it seems 'far away', but it would be so strange to have it right in your town! Glad that your house isn't flooded. ;)

  2. We got lots of flooding here in Indiana too. Fortunatly I live on the north side of Indianapolis, and all the major flooding took place on the south side. The governer came and checked out the damage and everything. There are lots of areas that are still underwater even further south into the sate. So sad.

  3. Wow, that's crazy, Chandra! I'm glad you are okay and it didn't affect you. I just can't stop thinking of the people who have lost their homes...

  4. sad for all who are suffering. my thoughts are with them and the hope for dry weather.