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to the lake
{finally had a chance to visit the lake the other day, only to find out the beach was closed. but we had fun anyway and i will go back to be sure! a few more pictures on my flickr.}

Dude, this chick has got something going here! {Thanks Casey for pointing out that link in your blog!} Let's just say I'm definitely going to be making this dress as part of my summer wardrobe. Looks easy, I've actually got some jersey fabric sitting in my closet {it's been there for umm almost going on three years now??} and it's the perfect weather for dresses. So yeah, totally going to be printing this one out for when I get a spare moment. These days the free-moments have been few and far between. I'm really trying to get a lot of work done and instead I'm going crazy over here feeling like I am all of a sudden going back to school and writing research papers. It's kinda funny, but also I'm learning a lot. Mainly I'm learning how I need to prioritize. Also documentation, documentation, documentation. Yeah I know you are going "huh?" How 'bout we just leave it that way.

So back to my favorite topic; clothing and "stuff." Actually you know what? I've found that I can do quite well without stuff. I don't really have a lot of summery clothes because my style has changed a lot in the last few years and for some reason I thought I looked bad in shorts so I don't really have any, except for a pair I use to paint in. And I'm not buying anything right now. Thus the whole "anti-stuff-movement" I seem to be into these days. I haven't even gone thrifting in months. It's just too easy to see something that is a good price and blow my money on it only to find out later I didn't actually need it. Even a top for $3 is well, THREE DOLLARS! It's like going down to the coffee shop and getting a macchiato {to DIE for}, which these days I've tried to cut back on {sad, I know}. As far as clothes are concerned, I have enough so I don't walk around naked and if I'm so desperate to have something different to wear, I'll make it myself. And since my time is limited, I better wear whatever it is I am making for myself otherwise I will feel awful about spending all that time for nothing. When you do business you realize time is money. Whether or not that is a good thing, I couldn't tell you. Though somehow I still manage to waste large amounts of time. Now I feel like I'm contradicting myself. hmm...Anyway, don't listen to what I say. I'm sure you can find a million contradictions in my blog if you look at past entries. But I'm OK with that. Well now I'm just rambling.

Let's go back to the dress-wearing topic, because I like that topic.

I'm actually wearing dresses and skirts every day for the first time in umm since I was like a three year old. Every year I tell myself I'm going to do it and then every year I get all weird and decide I feel too dressy in a skirt or dress. Right now it's more a matter of "I'm hot, jeans suck." And who wants to wear jeans on a hot day, especially when your legs are severely sunburned from that day at the lake when ::ehem:: someone forgot to put on sunscreen? Besides, I've started quite a nice little collection of summer dresses. Some are vintage and some are dresses I've made; I'm hoping to add to that little collection when time permits. Of course the moment I end this post I will lay out what I'm going to wear tomorrow and it will probably be linen pants and a tank. Yeah, go me. But heck, I don't care. I'm gonna wear what I feel like wearing so whether or not it's a cute summer dress because I want to feel good and look pretty all in one, or a baggy shirt and baggy pants because I feel like it. Whatever it is, I'm sure the rest of the world will continue on as per usual. :) And that fact alone makes me happy.

Also, some music for your perusal.

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