::the love of detektivbyrån


Talking with my friend last night about music and flipping through some of my favorites I came upon Detektivbyrån. I almost forgot about this most brilliant group from Sweden. love love love love them. And I find out they are working on a new album! Seriously, if you have not heard of these guys before now, take a listen. They are beautiful.

On MySpace.

Making of::Part4


  1. sounds like the soundtrack to Amelie. fun! especially the two guys bobbing along on the couch in the second half of the video... :)

  2. Thank you so much for this introduction. I'm dying for my husband to get home from his run so I can introduce him to this band, too! And your last post - things to be happy about right now - was super sweet and hit struck a chord here. Lovely.

  3. Larissa, hehehe. Yes, I especially liked the bobbing of the heads as well. :) And I agree, it sounds like Amelie soundtrack. That's a great way of describing them!

    sulu-design, Yay! Glad you like them! It's always fun sharing new music. And thank you for your comments. They always make my day. :)

  4. Good musicians, great sound! Very cleverly created music, thanks for sharing Anna! :-)