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Yes it is me again and guess what time it is? 3:21a.m. Right on the dot. It's been a long day. Filled with lots of things I didn't expect (some not so good; some pretty good; others really great) and a few things I did expect. It's been exhausting. Going to a cupping at the coffee shop in the afternoon and my sister and her friend Jenny coming for a visit. They are fast asleep upstairs, while here I am sewing sewing sewing. I somehow got past my tired point and am totally awake right now. I've been sewing since 1ish. But I felt like sewing so I decided to seize upon this moment and sew instead of sleep. Plus somehow I needed this moment of awakedness to spend by myself. Too much people people going on and I needed some alone time. I'm like that sometimes. Too much excitement and I just need to get away by myself and do something with my hands. I'm getting tired, but I need to get this work done so I figure I will try and squeeze a tiny bit more energy out and then get to bed. Well the iron is sufficiently heated by now, so I'm going to say goodnight/goodmorning to you all once again. Tomorrow I am looking forward to a cinnamon roll and some lovely Rwanda coffee in my little French press. Perhaps that will be enough to entice me into not sleeping into all hours of the day.

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