jewelry i adore


Part of me thinks this is horrible and part of me thinks this is a very creative idea and lovely accessory. I kind of think it's bad in the sense that they are meddling with historical artifacts. But then, it is so adorable I can hardly blame them for it. Wouldn't you like to wear someone from the mid-19th century around your neck? I know I would.

Going antiquing today with my sister and her friend. I'm on a semi mission. Last week when I got my haircut I walked a lot and it was windy and well...I lost my beautiful earring to the pair that I got for Christmas. Suffice it to say, I'm completely heartbroken about it (okay, maybe not completely, but I'm sad) because they were my favorite earrings. So my mission today; to find something old to make into new earrings. This is one of the reasons I love Erica Weiner's jewelry so much. She tends to use a lot of old pieces that she finds in odd places to make into new and beautiful jewelry. Love that idea. Wish me luck.


  1. Thanks so much for these fabulous links. I like your sentiments about the jewelry, too - I have a little trouble with using/seeing such gorgeous old pieces repurposed in comtemporary pieces, but they are so lovely to look at!

  2. I don't have a problem with this as much as what some altered art artists do to images. Since she's just using the smaller images she's really just finding another way to display the image. She's isn't cutting away the image or altering the image. In fact, more damage was often done to images by relatives in the late 1800s etc. when painting family images was popular. We have an images of Jim's ancestor who fought in the Civil War, and it's been so painted over that it hardly looks like a photograph.

  3. I know what you mean... part of me is fascinated with the beauty of using an antique image like that. And the other part is like "no!!! don't ruin it!" rofl.

    Best of luck with the antiquing!! I've been dying to go do some serious antique-snooping lately, but alas, my week is too full for such diversions. hehe. Do let us know if you find something!