vintage splurge


So I splurged just a little. little bit. On this lovely lavender number:

purplerain3 purplerain2 purplerain1 purplerain6

I feel OK about it because one, I noticed this and was coveting it back in April. So when I found out it hadn't sold yet, I decided I had to get it for myself. Plus it's my size. And it's pretty. And it's summery. And I've also come to the conclusion that I love wearing vintage sun-dresses in the summer. Oh yes, and I *could* make a pattern off it. Yes, I could. So there.


  1. If you ever make a pattern off that...let me know! I'll buy it from you! SO PRETTY!

  2. Oh, definitely! I'm not sure I'll publish an actual pattern, but if I trace off the pieces I'd be happy to trace off a copy for you as well. I'll let you know!