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Today I went to the mall with some friends. I haven't been there in awhile and we had nothing else to do. So off we went. To be honest with you, that place kind of depresses me. Even if I come home with something that I got for a great deal and it's something I love or it fits perfectly, I just hate shopping at the mall. Most of the stores sell A LOT of crap. And I'm completely serious when I say that. Nothing is original, most of it is tacky and poorly made. Or it has their brand name plastered all over it. Who wants to walk around with American Eagle brand or Aeropostale brand everywhere?? Okay, lots of people do. But I hate that. And I admit, I used to shop at those places and buy the brands, if they were on sale mind you. ;-) I still wear that Aeropostale sweater around the house because it's comfy and it was a hand-me-down from my sister. Just hate the huge advertisement plastered right on the front. I'm actually thinking of making my own hoodie and maybe adding a little embroidery with some witty phrase or something on the front. Just a thought I've been toying with. Not that I'll actually have the TIME to do it, but I like to think about these things you know.

About the only store in our mall that I actually shop in is GAP. It's still not the greatest store, but they sometimes have decent sales. I'm always in there for the sales and their plain T's always fit me pretty well. Once in awhile I'll find a pair of jeans that I like, but you can never tell with that place. One thing I have noticed is the music they play. I have found their music is a lot different than the music you might hear at, say, Marices. (It's a good thing.) I was rummaging my way through the sales rack when I heard a song that sounded pleasantly familiar. I paused, listed a little more (there was music going on in another store and it kinda mixed in with the GAP music). They were actually playing a Camera Obscura song. Not that anyone knows who they are, but they just so happen to be one of my favorite bands. Reminds me a little bit of Belle and Sebastian, but with a girl being the main singer. I have to be in a certain mood to listen to their music, but I have never ever heard their music played in a public place, much less the freakin' mall. Most people I know don't even know remotely who the heck they are. It's a band I happened upon over a year ago and instantly fell in love with. What a lovely diversion. Of course this has nothing to do with anything, but you know I just had to mention it.

Tonight I stumbled across this blog that I like to look at every now and then, which posts pics of people on the street. I like to look at "Street Style" because it's what people actually wear. Not some runway fashion that looks ridiculous that only the highest of highest fashion gods wear. And somehow they can get away with it. Don't ask me how, because a lot of the runway fashions are lacking in a big way. But the main reason I love Street Style is because you will find so so many different styles out there. Some I like, others just aren't me. But that's okay, because everyone has their own style. I noticed this picture, how simple the girl's outfit was, but how perfect. And I had to post it. From that high waisted pencil skirt and the buttons on either side, to that plain white T. It's perfect. She doesn't look like she's trying too hard and she doesn't look like she spent a fortune on her outfit.



I really love how this girl describes her style:

This summer I absolutely adore high-waisted jeans and skirts. I prefer more classical shapes and most of the time less is more. I try to avoid wearing too much jewellery. Price/quality relationship is important to me. I also love window-shopping!
Maria & Cathrine,
Vanaturu kael, Tallinn

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  1. I hate the mall, too. I get really depressed for some reason whenever I go to one. Although, the last one I went to made me depressed because I couldn't afford any of the clothes. It was a mall full of designer and high end stores - like Anthropologie. :)

    My philosophy on wearing clothing with a brand name blazoned anywhere on it is this: You buy their t-shirt etc. and they get free advertisement. I refuse to PAY THEM to be their walking billboard. Not to mention, it's just tacky.