cup o' heaven


IMG_4889, originally uploaded by gracefullady.

This afternoon I decided to stop by Brewed Awakenings for awhile to do some hand sewing and enjoy a cup of iced coffee. This is like heaven in a cup, as my friend Shaun says all the time. It's delicious, especially on a hot summer day. I highly recommend it. But be forewarned. You may feel the urge to break out into spontaneous dance after consuming this delightful substance. No joke. It's that good!


  1. Hey Anna, I'm enjoying your blog! I read a number of my friends' blogs and enjoy getting insight into their interests and ideas.

    I like this blog format better than the one provided by myspace. It looks a little more professional and serious, and I love the fact that you can illustrate parts of your writing.

    By the way, it was fun finally seeing Brewed Awakenings when we drove through Cedar Rapids recently. It looks like a bright and cheery place (and that is really saying something, since I saw it around 2:00 a.m.!)

  2. Hey, Silvana! Glad you're enjoying my little blog. And I agree with you about myspace. It's more of a place where people connect and I rarely would write on that thing anyways.

    One of these days I'm going to have to take you to Brewed when it's open! But I do find it rather funny that Frank drove all the way through CR on 1st Ave at 2 in the morning. ;-)