moving day!


{i like this picture. love the windows. from here.}

So, the day has finally come. I'll be moving out! A lot of my stuff has already been moved into the new place, so hopefully the remaining junk won't be too much of a hassle to move. I swear, I'm going through my crap once I settle in and I'm going to be ruthless! Ruthless you hear! I have so many odds and ends of stuff that it is so hard to organize anything. I think I just need to start going through my stuff regularly and get rid of crap I don't use or need or want anymore. So I said it here and I'm gonna follow through. I guess I'll be having more online yard sales in the near future.

Happy 4th of July weekend, by the way! My sister will be coming for a visit so that'll be fun! Eat lots of blueberries and strawberries and homemade ice cream. Mmmm homemade ice cream. So many good memories associated with homemade ice cream. Anyway, have a good one! I'll be back here soon.


  1. "Eat lots of blueberries and strawberries and homemade ice cream"
    ooh, yess, i'll do!!
    have a good weekend!

  2. Happy moving day! (And 4th of July too!)

    I know what you mean about being ruthless with all the stuff that seems to multiply... I'm dreading the next move I have to make; I really need to go through and start getting rid of some things that I don't really need to drag along!

    ♥ Casey
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  3. Anna, I'm getting a huge giggle out of picturing you being ruthless!

    I wish you all the best with the rest of your move. You'll be missed in Saint Loo this weekend, though!

    Please give your sister a hug for me.


  4. Hope your moving day is perfect! :)

  5. Good luck with your move---and with your future purging and organizing efforts! I've been pretty good at limiting the amount of stuff I bring home lately, now I just have to get rid of the crap I have.

    Enjoy your ice cream and Happy 4th of July!

  6. Ohh - a new start is always exciting. And your new workspace is sooo cool. :D Take your time and enjoy your move - we will all be here when you are ready to return.