etsy shop.


phoebe top

Just a quick note to say I have an Etsy shop now! I will be selling made-to-order garments there. This means you simply put down the size you want in the comment section of the order form and I will make it up within a week or two of purchase.


  1. delurking here
    i love your blog
    i love your choices
    i love your shoes & clothes collections
    congratulations on the shop & happy sales to you :)

  2. Oh, I wanted to congratulate you on your shop, but.. Valerie put it so perfectly in her comment!

  3. Hi Anna....just wanted to send you a note wishing you great success with your clothing line. I love the classic style of your pieces! I also like your's funny because I always like the way white clothing and linens look hanging on a line. I've been doing some paintings of clothes lines I was interested to see your photos of the same subject...


  4. Congrats again! I love those shorts by the way! You should start making those, I would buy them!

  5. Congrats on the Etsy shop opening! Your clothes are lovely...the Phoebe Top looks like the perfect, most comfortable shirt for summer.