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dorothea dress

I've decided to have a little sale! I really hate to say it, but I feel fall coming. Sad, because I adore summer. Even with this heat and even though most of the time I feel like I'm working in a sweatshop (no A/C in here). But I still love it so much better than any other season. Anyway, to get to the point! I have two Dorothea dresses left in stock in size XS and M. So I'm gonna have a little sale on just those dresses. Yay sale! So if you happen to be either of those sizes and were thinking about purchasing these dresses now is your chance! I'm taking off 30% of the price now through Saturday July 31st at midnight. Hurry on over! :)

Note: I will refund the 30% on receipt of purchase. Can't figure any other way around that. Also, just to clarify again, this sale is only for size XS and M. Thanks!


  1. Nice! I love this dress. Sales are the best! And so is Summer. :)

    Have a wonderful day, darling!


  2. Agreed - I wish summer were year round!

  3. love the simplicity of this dress,