“Let us dance in the sun, wearing wild flowers in our hair...”


Wednesday, July 21, 2010

picking green beans

The other day I found this fantastic video a lady made of the braid tutorial I did awhile back. Her videos are so much fun! Go check it out.


  1. Haha it's funny, I watched your video of the tutorial for the hairstyle a while ago, before I found your blog. Then one day I was reading a post of yours on google reader and I was thinking how familiar you look.. then I realized you are the girl from the video! I love that hairstyle.

  2. aw, thanks holly! i guess i never put a link to my blog from that video tutorial. hmmm oops! well, i'm glad you enjoy that hairstyle! i haven't done it in awhile, must do it again! :)

  3. I thought I knew my way around braids - but thanks! that is a great updo! I'll be trying it very soon.

  4. you & my 4 yr old son have the exact same hair color - gorgeous! I'm happy to follow your blog and read about your inspiration & creations. The rural shots of greenery and lakes make me long for a life in the country!

  5. Very pretty...I will have to watch the tutorial sometime. My mother and sister always have known how to do braids like that and I unfortunately am a little behind on the art!
    I also very much enjoy reading your blog.