the tallest man on earth.


Thank you all so much for the lovely comments and encouraging emails! I was really nervous about opening the new shop, but am glad I finally just went ahead and did it. I have a few more items to put in the shop soon, but I haven't had time to grade the patterns yet. I'll be getting to that in the next week or so and will be sure to send out an email when they are ready.

Also, a few of my blog crushes mentioned my shop on their blogs last week. I know, I am such a dork. I tell my boyfriend when people like this lovely lady post on my blog and he laughs at me, but totally gets it. Ahhh the joys of the internet.

Speaking of my boyfriend, can I just sort of gush about him for a minute? Okay I will. :) Last Friday we were planning to go to The Tallest Man on Earth concert in Iowa City, but all the tickets were sold out online and when we got there, they said every last ticket was sold. So we ended up walking around the city and going out for pizza instead, which was tons of fun and I am not complaining we missed the show. But he knew I really wanted to see him so the next day he actually got tickets to the show in Milwaukee tonight! So yes, my boyfriend is one very sweet boy.


  1. All the best for your new shop! I've been following you for awhile and really enjoy seeing what you're doing.

  2. what a sweet guy you have! have a great time! :)


  3. Congrats on the success of your shop! Your clothing is so beautiful, I can't wait to see what you have planned next.

    That is so sweet, enjoy the concert!!

    And I totally have the same blog crushes! Eee, I love it.

  4. I'm a bit late, but I wanted to say a big congratulations on launching your new shop, Anna!!! Everything looks utterly lovely and charming--I'm wishing you all the best and much sucess. The designs are so pretty--I'm sure they'll be a hit!

    Your boyfriend sounds like such a great guy--how lovely he got tickets to the other show! :D

    ♥ Casey
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  5. I am completely addicted to your blog and had to add you in my sidebar. Your new collection is lovely! xo,

  6. Dear Anna!

    You have done absolutely great work with your clothing and shop. Dream big and continue to work hard. :-)

    And yes, you've got a sweet guy. And when I get home tonight I will listen that music.