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i don't wear a lot of makeup.

Thursday, May 6, 2010


i don't wear a lot of make-up.

i don't wear a lot of make-up.

The last time I purchased foundation was on Halloween when I needed really white skin. The time before that was for a high school play. A few weeks ago I decided I needed something more than simply concealer. So I dropped $40 on foundation, new powder, eyeshadow, and a few new brushes. I felt a little better about spending money on makeup after I compared the price of Bobbi Brown's foundation ($40). But still, for me, it has always been kinda hard to spend very much on makeup. I know there is probably a big difference between makeup from Target and brands like Bobbi Brown, but I haven't figured them out yet. I spend too much money on things that never work like I think they're going to work. I've spent tons of money on acne cleansers and different types of shampoo that aren't supposed to strip away all the natural oils. But they never work quite right. And sometimes I think, why do I even try? I can live with my stupid silly acne and my too greasy hair (or too shampooed hair) and I bet no one but myself ever notices any difference. If I buy cheap makeup and it makes me happy, then that's good enough for me! If you feel better with the more expensive brands, then by all means go for it! And hey, who says you have to wear makeup anyway? In my opinion, the majority of women these days cake on way too much makeup, when they are perfectly gorgeous without anything at all. It's all in how you view yourself, ya know?


  1. I'm glad there are people out there that wear very little make-up. I hardly ever wear make-up because I end up feeling over done. I agree that most women wear far to much and probably look much better natural. Its a shame knowing that people who don't wear make-up are judged just as much as those who do.
    If it makes you feel good, I say YES!

  2. I absolutely couldn't agree more! I don't wear much either! As for my skin, it's generally pretty clear, I occasionally have a few little bumps here or there, but rarely anything too severe.

    My makeup routine includes concealer on any blemishes I have, and under my eyes because I have perpetual dark circles. Then I take a large brush and dab it in a pressed powder compact and swirl it on my skin. I will dab a few times-but I never rub the brush on the powder because then I get more than I need for one "swipe". Then I might put a little pink-ish blush on, and my "mascara"-which is Neutrogena Lash Tint.

    So...concealer, brush on pressed powder, blush and mascara. That's it and I love it-it's nice and quick.

    Also, if you like inexpensive makeup, I love NYC products-a lot of their stuff is no more than about $3. Their nail polish is 94 cents per bottle and I LOVE it, I own probably half the colors!

    Sorry for such a long comment, but I thought I would share with you.

  3. Amen to the choir! Um... Or something like that. I find that the less I do to my skin, the better it looks (cleaning routine-wise). As for make-up, a made-up everyday routine for me is mascara and gel blush, but most days it's not even that. I support minimal and no makeup. ;)

  4. My face is too oily for makeup so I don't bother with it too much either. It just ends up looking gross. Also, I've never liked the idea of making myself up.

    I say, put your money in a good sunscreen and moisturizer. Then, enjoy your youthful, natural, and pretty face. :)


  5. I don't wear much makeup either. I love to play around with it though! Have you looked into makeup that doesn't have metals (such as lead in lipstick) & bad chemicals in them? Unfortunately so many of the cheaper (as well as expensive) brands all use tons of chemicals and things that are bad for everyone. Trying to find good makeup has definitely made me wear it less!

  6. I barely wear any makeup either (I think I still have a tube of lipstick from high school!) and I usually go for the cheapy stuff. But a friend convinced me (wow I sound like an infomercial) to try bare minerals. It's a little pricey, but damn that stuff is magic. You only use a teeny bit, so it lasts forever. It's the only time I've not regreted spending money on cosmetics.

  7. I admit, I'm definitely a make up gal (though there are plenty of days I let my skin "breathe" and don't put anything on)! ;) If you have problems with acne, you might want to try a mineral foundation; it really helps reduce the amount of breakouts I have ('cept for the monthly, hormonal ones... seems I still haven't grown out of those!). I've tried expensive and cheap brands, and my favorite is the mid-level mineral powder foundation from Mary Kay. It lasts forever--I've had my current container since Thanksgiving, and I still have about half left! Plus, since it's a powder I can make the coverage as light as I'd like. :)

    I really admire gals like you who don't wear as much makeup on a daily basis! I guess I'm just too self conscious about my under eye circles and too-short eyebrows. ;) rofl! Either way, Anna, you always look so fresh and pretty!!!

    ♥ Casey
    blog | elegantmusings.com

  8. You know, I used to be a no - makeup girl too, but then I just got tired of the dark circles under my eyes, and the acne. (You are so right about that acne treatment stuff never ever working! And dermatologists are worthless!) So I use concealer (M.A.C.) and a very moisturizing (and hence 'dewy' finish) foundation (Clinique) where and only where I need it. That's it. I don't look made-up. My skin just looks better.

  9. thank you for all the comments girls! really appreciate them. :) one day, i definitely can see myself splurging on a foundation or concealer that matches my skin and i know will last a long time. my big problem is finding one that matches. i'm pretty sure they do not sell mac or bobbi brown around here. and i think i'm allergic to mary kay. anyways, it's not my top priority to find the best make-up. my goal is to try and go without, but it's hard not to when i break out (casey, totally about pms acne...sucks!)

    oh yeah, and i definitely put concealer under my eyes. it's probably just a self-conscious thing that no one notices but myself. ahhh, vanity! thy name is anna. ;)

  10. Yes! I honestly am always looking at other women for inspiration and beauty and when I sit across beautiful women on the train I always think, I wonder how gorgeous you would look without all the makeup. It's just such a bizarre thing to always wear so much. I think I dislike it so much because my mother needs to go out of the home with makeup on, otherwise she has no confidence; a routine I saw her do many mornings before school. Although lately I've been doing some research to buy my first pieces of makeup. As of now, I am sans makeup considering I have horrible skin.

    I've tried the all natural DermaE collection of skin care products and they work alright but have a hefty price tag. For the last couple of months I've been using the Burts Bee's acne face wash and lotion and that actually does a very good job at maintaining my acne at bay. As for the shampoo issue, I'm right there with you. I tried to the the no shampoo, baking soda and apple cider vinegar, but that just wasn't for me. Now I'm on the hunt yet again for a nice shampoo. One of my classmates recommended Bumble and Bumble and I've heard great things about the Evan Healey skin scare line.

  11. I totally agree. The one thing I do spend money on is a good foundation. I wear Lancome foundation, but just about everything else is either wet n' wild, covergirl, or some other inexpensive brand. And I agree that most people wear way too much makeup, or maybe it's just that the 80's still survive in the south. :)

  12. I also admire women who don't wear any make-up at all.

    I have had problems with my acne since I was 10 (now I'm 25)and cheap foundation which I bought made it even worse. I put tousends of ointments on my face, spent a lot of money on my doctor and various treatments. My skin was better after I got ill and got a medicament on my throat!

    I think there are cosmetics which should be of good quality, for example I don't need any extra soap, but I need a good moisturizer and a good foundation.

  13. Makeup was one of those things I had to work up to, and even change my perspective on. There's definitely a difference between using it to enhance your looks and using it to cover up one's natural beauty. And also, the amount one needs to feel confident varies so much depending on the person. The more I have on, the more I don't feel like myself, but there's this playful element as well (bright red lipstick for that 1960s retro look or thick black liquid eyeliner for vampy cat's eyes). Anyway, there's still nothing like fresh, untouched face :)

  14. CONCEALER!! Viva la concealer!!!! :)

    JAFRA Cosmetics

    Cream Concealer. This creamy stick concealer helps hide blemishes, fine lines and hyperpigmentation. .15 oz. $11.00

    Love it! :)

  15. Loved your post! I agree about makeup. I only wear some neutral face powder on a routine basis, and have worn foundation, blush, eyeshadow, etc. maybe two or three times in my life (I'm 24). I feel weird and not myself when I wear it. I wore it when I got married and have always regretted that. In the pics from that day, I just don't look like *me*. :(

  16. Im so glad I bumped into your blog and this post! For I could not agree more about everything you have to say on this topic, skin, hair, makeup. Seriously whats a girl to do with all the crazyness? Its always ncie to find people whom think the same things as yourself. ^-^
    Oh and I love your photos, so much lovely green and prettiness.


  17. I've actually just decided to spend my summer make-up free...and give my face a little bit of breathing space until I go back to teaching in the fall. I'm exited!

  18. lol this might sound strange coming from a makeup artist but I'll say it anyway. After years of doing other peoples makeup I've really begun to hate the un-naturalness of makeup.
    A little makeup like concealer and a lipstain - ok... but geez these days people act like you need to wear a moisturizers, primer, foundation, corrector, concealer, blush, powder, at least 2 eyeshadows, eyeliner, lipliner, lipstick and gloss as a daily face staple.
    A bit much no?
    Sometimes I play a game with myself where I look at peoples faces and try to figure out how much they have on.