ne me quitte pas


letter in the mail.
{typed letter from my cool friend jasa.}

It's Thursday, which means tomorrow is Friday, which means the day after tomorrow is Saturday and the weekend! It's not as if I have anything exciting planned, I just like the fact that it's the weekend. I've been listening to this dude. Just look at his mournful expressions. It makes my heart break every time, sorta.

Ooh a new cookbook? Sounds delightful! I've always wanted to eat like my favorite movie stars. (Hint: I don't mean today's movie stars. Think Silver Screen. I'm all about vintage, baby).

Please remind me to wear sunscreen the next time you see me out in the sun. Half of my body is charbroiled. Half of it is a bright white. I've just taken "farmer's tan" to a whole new level. It's kind of funny, actually. But it also hurts. In case this post sounds too random today, I'm writing this to inform the public to wear sunscreen. Please, do it for my poor aching burnt back. Your skin will thank you. And so will everyone who has to look at you.


  1. Palmer's Cocoa Butter Lotion in the pump will help with the burn. Keeps it from dryin out and minimizing the peeling.

  2. I get that sort of sunburn myself all the time! (Usually it's my legs that are still pale. :p) I agree with Chandra's recommendation for Palmer's; I used it after I got a bad burn when I spent the afternoon sunning on the deck of a boat after scuba diving, and it really helped!

  3. Oh you poor dear! I hate sunburn...and avoid long sun-time at all costs (at least without a hat or sunscreen). Aloe helps a lot, and cool compresses.

    Oh my yes!! Don't you just love Jacques Brel!! :)

  4. Jacques Brel...*happy sigh* I'm so glad you've gotten into him. I actually found him through my favorite designer. :D My letter got so beat up! I love that. I'm sorry you got sunburned, but there is something quite funny about us pales getting burnt. Try and find the humor in it. :)