bathing suits galore!


I'm smitten with these 1930s and '40s suits from LIFE Magazine. If you're obsessed with vintage swimwear like I am, you might also take a look into this wonderful book filled with pictures of Hollywood stars in beach wear. Ahh... isn't summertime grand?

LIFE Archives.


  1. oh! I love them all! I've been searching out a vintage 40's or 50's suit for a while now, but every one I've been stalking on Ebay goes for way too much.....alas.

    Perhaps a vintage pattern is needed.....then I could sew my own!! :) to search!

  2. if you find anything, let me know! i am thinking of making a vintage suit as well. oh, there is also this 1930s pattern from my collection that sized and is now up for sale. she has a few other cute styles as well.

  3. I have a vintage 1940's swimsuit. I haven't worn it swimming because I'm afraid of ruining it, but I have tried it on. It's very attractive and flattering. I see no reason why women have to torture themselves with today's style of swimsuits when they can look even prettier in vintage/vintage-style ones.