• It's a beautiful Friday and a perfectly wonderful May 1st!
  • I'm thrilled because today I finally finally finnnnallly paid off my car I totaled last July! Now to save up for another one! Woohoo!
  • Planning an heirloom garden for the first time all myself. I have so many ideas!
  • I finished a project and ready for the weekend to begin...
  • Going to lunch with a friend in Mt. Vernon and to the Chalk Walk which I've never been to before. Hope it doesn't rain! {Oops...Maybe I shouldn't say that.}
  • Also going to a barn dance tomorrow night in the Amanas. I am aching to dance!
  • Dandelion petal sorbet? Heck yes!
  • Two new dresses from Salvation Army all for under $9 bucks. SCORE!
  • New sewing projects brewing. Picked up some brown linen to make this dress.
Suffice it to say, it's been the most perfect May Day I could ask for and it looks like a grand weekend to come.


  1. glad to hear you having good times lately!!

    all the best ;)

  2. Love that dress, and that dandelion junk sounds incredible!

  3. a barn dance and dandelion sorbet...???
    my heart is fluttering!