linen shorts, '30s sailor style


{Three Smart Girls 1936}

Finally got around to taking a few pictures of the shorts I made. I seriously feel weird posing for pictures, 'cause I know some of you out there are going to think I'm completely into myself. Okay, every girl is sorta into themselves. Even if just a smidge. Because it's just kinda fun to get dressed up and I get obsessed about clothing, especially when it has anything to do with historical or vintage clothing. Since I rarely buy clothing anymore, I've been making my own clothes and it has encouraged me to dive into the 1930s, which is a style I love so much and believe is easily adaptable to modern wear. I haven't gone full fledge 1930s, as cool as that would be, I still like other styles of clothing I like whether they are modern or have a vintage flair to them. All that said, here are the pictures of the shorts I made. (Yeah, ME in shorts. I know it's hard to believe.) I used a 1940s overall pattern I got for $1 a couple years ago. I changed them a bit (which required one failed attempt a year ago plus three or four extra mock ups) and this is what I got:

linen shorts i made check out those white pastey legs
{linen sailor shorts}

I'll take more detailed shots of the actual shorts themselves when I'm not wearing them. :)

I also took a picture with the 1930s blouse I made last year. I'm liking the shorts a lot, even if it shows a lot of white pastey leg. Oh man, I couldn't tan even if I wanted to. And believe me, I don't want to! I've learned to embrace the curse of the redhead. We don't tan, we freckle. And I'd rather have freckles than a gross cancer shade of brown. Yuck.

that blouse i made last year
{sailor shorts and the '30s blouse i made last year}


  1. I like your shorts, they're very cute! I also adore those picture frames with no pictures - how adorable!

  2. All you lack is a Dixie Cup sailor's hat to complete the picture.

  3. Those shorts are adorable and I really like that '30's top!

  4. I know Ive seen them already but they definitely look good. Cheers to navy stuff!

  5. Cute and I love them! Now I'm inspired to make my own vintage-styled clothing, too.

  6. They are adorable! I love how they look with your blouse also. And don't feel bad posing for pics - it's great to see clothing on actual people. :) The shorts look awesome! They make me like shorts again, even though I haven't worn any for nearly ten years (I have the pastey white leg thing going too).

  7. So cute, Anna! And I also have to add that I like the way you guys ended up putting those frames up empty. It looks really neat, not sure if you're planning to put anything in them or not, but I like they way they are now! They are such pretty frames!

  8. Those are lovely, Anna! Exactly as I pictured them when you first told me about them. Wear them all the time!

    P.S. I wish I was incapable of tanning. I end up hiding from the sun...

  9. Can you just make me this whole outfit? :)