fall jacket inspiration


Okay, I know this isn't 1930s, but it has been driving me crazy lately and I have to put it down somewhere so I will remember that, yes, I really do want to make this for the fall. {As in, I better get my act together before it's too late to be wearing fall jackets and winter weather sets in...ack!}

{eva dress pattern, Ladies' Serge Jacket, circa 1885. Not to mention it is the perfect size!}

Alright, I am thinking of two options on how I want to make this. First of all I am thinking of cutting it shorter. Taking off all that pleated skirt in the front, which meets up with the back peplum. I LOVE the back peplum, just don't relish the idea of wearing a massive skirt-butt-jacket. :)

Option no. 1-
  • Made of wool. {I have brown, black, dark green and burgundy on hand that I can use - now which one to choose??}
  • Buttons down the front or zipper? hm...
Option no. 2-
  • Made of jean cloth.
  • Metal zipper up the front {If I could find a blue metal zipper that is long enough, that would be perfect}
Well that's all I've got for now. I hope I have time for this one because I think a jacket like this would really come in handy.


  1. black polished linen, lined in some kind of dark brown print?

    Or one of those imported Italian metallic silks? -- you know -- they're very heavy and dull & have sort of a steampunk look?


  2. Those are great ideas! Actually I was really inspired by that jean jacket you have that has a distinct Victorian flare to it. I think I saw it first when you wore it down to Perryville, KY. This is one reason I thought of making it in a jean cloth. Linen sounds amazing, though, too. So many possibilities...