this is what happens when there is lots of work to be done



I tend to want to do everything BUT what I should be doing, which is working on this article then back to sewing my heart out. I'm almost finished with it, but still have quite a bit more to write I find. Still, I couldn't resist taking the occasional break to look at inspiring images scattered all over this beautiful internet.

::On an entirely different note, I'm watching little boys play baseball below my window and it's kind of sweet. Though somehow I keep thinking that ball is going to fly right through my window any second now...::

I love this video because it makes me smile. I've only watched it about fifty dozen times in the last year or so, but it always makes me happy.

Guilty pleasure lately has been listening to Girl Talk. Yeeahhh. :)

I like the shirt on the left. And it's from Target. But you know, I'm not buying anything right now so bye-bye shirt. However, there isn't anything wrong with admiring, is there? And besides, knowing me, I don't really know how much I'd love this shirt anyway. The fabric looks absolutely wonderful, but maybe it's those sleeves and the bagginess of the shirt that isn't quite so appealing. But pretty nonetheless.

Mmm it's windy today and sooo nice. And I'm eating strawberries.

Can you not just imagine yourself curling up with a good book and a glass of iced tea; a few fluffy pillows and an old quilt, right there in that corner? I can. Especially right now.

Look at this! Fabulous!

Super-duper-crochet-yoked-t-shirt! I think I want to make one with a narrower yoke. I can see the perfect airy summer top in my mind. {looks around for tutorial...} Found it! to rummage through my t-shirts to see if I can find something to work with...

For future reference, if by any strange chance I get hitched {...looks waaaaaaaaay way down far far far far dowwwnnnn...} I think these would be awesome invitations to send out. They are simple and sweet. I'm a simple kind o' gal. I think if this ever happened to me, I'd probably break tradition in a big way. :)

Look at these trousers! More dreamy vintage images here.

The roses are out!

I love reading this blog. She's fun and always makes me smile.

annnnd last but not least, I definitely can relate with this, from dear birthday:

today was an emotional trip, my friends. nothing dramatic, just some basic inner turmoil: what am i doing with my life? how old am i again? will i ever have healthcare? when am i going to see some pine trees or the beach?? the usual nonsense that prevents work. you know the drill. but! i shut it out with an iced coffee and a long walk around the neighborhood with one of my best friends, kathryn. oh those burning questions are still hanging in the air, to be sure. but their urgency has been at least temporarily abated. for lo! the sun it did shine and the friends they did comfort. life is good and always is. sometimes we just need a strong reminder.

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